Happy People

…are so much more fun to be around than assholes. Effortless smiles and laughter. I had a blast yesterday talking with, and playing music for, some residents of the Heartland of Miamisburg ProMedica Nursing home. It was a small, but spirited group of listeners and I had them requesting songs and singing along (American PieContinue reading “Happy People”


I understand that China, that forward-thinking, last bastion of devious actions, is not very happy with the World Health Organization’s Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (now that’s a mouthful). They do what dumbasses do when they don’t fully understand someone else’s words or ideas. They censure them. Dumbasses. The only thing the doctor said was thatContinue reading “Observations”

Good Karma

Everyone needs it. Karma is tangible to those of us who believe in it. It is inevitable. Putin needs good karma if anyone ever did. He was humiliated to the point of pity at his Big Day celebration of his “swift and efficient” defeat of Ukraine. Except the Ukrainians didn’t get the memo. They didContinue reading “Good Karma”


Now, we’ll be going over several notable examples on this subject in this blog. Now there are baseballs, all other athletic sports’ balls, and then there are the balls it takes to stand in the face of certain death and tell a certain Russian warship commander exactly what he could do to himself as aContinue reading “Balls”

BabyHead is Getting Nervous

He who looks like he has Charlie Brown’s head on his body is getting a little nervous and he recently told recently re-elected French President Macron that “the West should stop arming Ukraine.” Yeah, right. How about you just get the fuck back to Russia where you belong? It is starting to look like theContinue reading “BabyHead is Getting Nervous”

Here’s My Two-Cents

Well, it looks like we can all relax and call it a war. That whacky little bird Nancy Pelosi has gone to the Ukraine, so Babyhead Putin might as well just give up now. I once had a one night stand with a drunk version of Marjorie Taylor Greene before she was born (now IContinue reading “Here’s My Two-Cents”

Free Speech

Sure it’s free, it costs nothing to open your gaping yap and spew bullshit. Forget whether the words are full of hate or whether the words are inciteful and dangerous. Doesn’t matter. It is my right and my speech is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. WhatContinue reading “Free Speech”

You Didn’t Think We’d Notice?

America has been known as a hotbed of invention and forward-thinking. Here’s two more words for you. Greedy and devious. I think those two words say it all. I go to open a box of Coast soap, and the bar that plopped out was about half the size of the original version bought before someContinue reading “You Didn’t Think We’d Notice?”

Patience My Ass…I Want To KILL Something!

You can only last so long with patience. Contrary to what some rare angelic individuals may espouse, patience is NOT an infinite resource. I know my peeps will probably find it very easy to believe that I have a very limited supply of patience. Coupled with Karen’s seemingly infinite supply of patience AND admonitions, itContinue reading “Patience My Ass…I Want To KILL Something!”

Small Potatoes

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big first amendment guy and of course I believe in free speech. For every voice on the planet, but somebody PLEASE stick a sock in the misguided mouth of Marjorie Greene. Turn the page. Challenge all the amendments you want. You are ineligible for re-election. Get over yourself.Continue reading “Small Potatoes”