I must have a gay gene in me somewhere. I love musicals and I love Barbra Streisand, so that probably seals it. I appreciate all the work involved in producing entertainment and coordinating the talents and resources of others who are just as enthralled with the whole process as everyone else involved with the theater. It’s magic. Seriously, I am getting chills writing this.

Favorite musical? No contest. Hello Dolly! Hands down. I went through a period of time in my teens where my girlfriends had to look like Barbra Streisand. Dreamy eyes, (yes, a slightly more noticeable nose), full lips and big uh, uh, personality. Yeah that’s it. If they happened to have a Brooklyn accent…money. I have been fortunate to have seen many plays and several musicals and live theater (and museums) are two of the best things I like about big cities.

The Sound of Music is pretty tough to beat. I just love Julie Andrews. It is also the first play I saw that made me think of the Drama Club as something more than a way to meet cute girls. I never joined the Drama Club but did not discount it as a silly waste of time like I did previously. Plus it still had all those cute girls…

I was able to see a performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night performed by the Royal Shakespearean Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Unbelievable. It was a bonafide privilege to hear Good Sir Toby Belch bellowing loud enough to shake the rafters and appreciating Shakespeare’s inside jokes, so artfully inserted into his plays. The performance left the audience exhausted and looking very tongue-in-cheek, all of us privy to the same secret as we spilled out of the theater into the rare English sunshine. Talk about a fantastic day.

Cats? Inventive, but not my cup of tea. 42nd Street—corny. Speaking of corny, we can’t forget Oklahoma! If you don’t behave I will have Karen do her stinging (and I do mean stinging) rendition of the title song and if I promise her a back rub, she might include some hand gestures.

West Side Story? Lame-o, despite a couple of classic songs. Can’t bring up musicals without The Wizard of Oz. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. ‘Nuff said.

The King and I? I didn’t think Deborah Kerr or Yul Brynner could carry a tune with a pick-up truck. Stinko.

Funny Girl—the BEST.

So we head  home to have tea and biscuits and to watch some telly.

Crossbow: “Bernie the bolt!” Up a bit, left a bit, down a bit, left a bit, FIRE!” Just don’t hit dear little Willy Wombat from the show All Creatures Great and Small.

“Hey mum! It’s the Dustbinmen!”

“Sarah eat your rissoles.”

“Don’t like rissoles.”

“They’re chicken dear.”

“Don’t like chicken rissoles…”

Coronation Street, Thursday night Top of the Pops, Ken Dodd and the Diddymen, Tommy Tucker, and ‘Til Death Us Do Part with the one and only Alf Garnett, the British counterpart to America’s own Archie Bunker from All in the Family.

It’s fun remembering.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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