The Call

I was lying around the house on a lazy Sunday morning smoking some kickass Sativa and being picked on (for no good reason, I’m sure) by Karen, the Domestic Despot. She was complaining because all I was doing was getting stoned and travelling to golf with my buddies, scattered across the country. I kept tellingContinue reading “The Call”

You Don’t Say…

Evidently, some Harvard-educated expert has three words to say to someone who is rude for you. So do I. And they start with “kiss” and end with “my ass!” Duh. So a story about a woman who only spent twenty bucks for a dress that she wore to several weddings that had everyone talking. Yeah,Continue reading “You Don’t Say…”

If The Shoe Fits

With all the anti-American sentiment emanating from our own politicians, it’s hard to believe that there are people who actually want to live here in this country. Go down to El Paso and see what the sentiment is there. So when the hell did the machete become the preferred weapon of choice for rednecks? Can’tContinue reading “If The Shoe Fits”

Second Thoughts?

Evidently this whacky English woman had second thoughts. Infatuated with serial killers, she stabbed her on again-off again boyfriend nineteen times, making it a pretty obvious sign of the status of their relationship. Off again (permanently). This is one right out of Maddogg’s dating playbook. If you ever enter a woman’s bedroom and there areContinue reading “Second Thoughts?”

The Man Who Would Be King

One of my favorite movies of all-time and an apt descriptor for King James, aka Lebron James, professional basketball star. Lebron is approaching the all-time NBA scoring record held by the much-revered Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Lebron is supposed to be here. He was anointed at age 16 and has pretty much lived up to theContinue reading “The Man Who Would Be King”

Second Chances

Not everybody deserves them. Murderers should die the same way they killed. Thieves should have to pay back ten times what they stole at whatever rate they pay working prisoners per license plate, or whatever. If it starts to take ten years prison time to start paying back small fines, criminals may think twice. NoContinue reading “Second Chances”


Now that all ECON majors have joined the party, this has absolutely nothing to do with economics. However, if you are a good economics student, a true believer, you will come right back and tell me that everything has to do with economics. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch is simply theContinue reading “TANSTAAFL”

Much Ado…

“A green comet will appear in the night sky for the first time in 50,000 years.” Shut up. Talk to me about something that is documentable, because I will come back and tell you that it absolutely, positively, was 43,740 years and they wouldn’t be able say shit. They know about as much about itContinue reading “Much Ado…”

For Real?

It can’t be real life. This guy Nick Fuentes is a white supremacist? Did he get dropped on his head when he was a baby? Somebody, anybody needs to explain to him that his ancestors would be slaves and workers in the REAL white supremacists’ houses, businesses and plantations. Or they might be squatting inContinue reading “For Real?”

Stay With Me Now

No question that I am, and always have been a big dog lover starting with our family pets to our two Cocker Spaniel brothers tearing through the house tonight. I am seeing far too many stories of children and adults being killed by dogs. Before I go any further in my own thought process, IContinue reading “Stay With Me Now”