Junk Mail

Stop sending it to me.

There, that should do it.

Now that we are retired, that’s all we get. Now, Karen and I have been more than generous with our money when it comes to donations and charity. We have been active in several animal organizations and United Way. We also have charities we donate to from our own life experiences. Karen has us supporting Alzheimer’s research, and we also give to Cancer research. Karen’s Dad succumbed to Alzheimer’s and I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer when she was only 52 years old. Tragic.

But who is actually sending out the requests for donations? Now is not the time to be asking retirees to donate. You want to hit up donors when they are young and making the big bucks. Another issue I have with the donation requests: I won’t give to ANY charity that sends me a dollar or two, or nickels or quarters, I toss that money in the garbage and remember who I won’t be sending checks to. I would feel obligated to send money to them if I kept the money or stationary, or backpack (really, a backpack!), keychains, etc. I figure if their marketing department is that inept, how can I know my gift will be properly handled?

About once every three years I will open and keep some address labels and stickers. Then I send in a check. Once every three years, so once in every 300 requests you have made. And the letters always have a blank page attached. You know I hate that. In an arena where administrative costs are the main drain, again I worry about what percentage of donations actually make it to the people they are purportedly helping?

I received an envelope about the size of a small SUV the other day. It was crushed into my mail slot by some genius-in-training for the USPS. I did not even read who it came from. I am stubborn that way.

I honestly feel that I can help more by helping one person at a time. A c-note given in the form of groceries for a needy family. A full stomach, a clear mind, and hope for the future are tangible moves forward.  Yes, it might seem like a temporary fix, but none of the long-term benefits of a coordinated  campaign are getting done. The good intentions are all being strangled by bureaucracy.

It’s not the money. There are rides to be given and groceries to be picked up, there are all kinds of ways to help that only require your time and a caring for the human race.

You know, the things your Mom, Dad, and Grandparents taught you.

I truly hope one of the residual effects of this Covid-19 pandemic is coalescence, but division still looms over us.

So be nice, smile like you want to be included in the Human Race, and then act like you belong. Because you do. We all do.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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