And You Wonder Why…

They keep doing dumb shit in Texas; they have become a punchline for police inaction and cowardice, the political leaders can do no right when it comes to abortion, and they had to postpone a high school graduation because there were not enough students that qualified to get their diplomas. So, as the old dumbassesContinue reading “And You Wonder Why…”

Can We Be Perfectly Honest?

Even in retirement, with no daily routine or agenda to adhere to, would I devote even one microsecond of thought to the condition of Jeff Bridges’ cancerous tumor. No pictures needed, thank you. Those are the same people that take and send pictures of the food they eat. Reality alert. Nobody cares. A couple ofContinue reading “Can We Be Perfectly Honest?”

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Evidently Mr. Penis-envy Ron DiSantis is whipping it out to see how he measures up against Disney and they have responded with lawsuits galore against the Communist state of Florida. I said it awhile back, but Florida can’t afford to get into a pissing match with Disney; it was also me who suggested that oneContinue reading “Mine’s Bigger Than Yours”


People are still killing people because they can’t stop drinking and getting behind a wheel. It’s like cigarette smoke. If it only stayed within the body of the smoker and didn’t stink up someone else’s personal space, there would be no problem. Or if the offending smoker didn’t act like the bovine creature they areContinue reading “Incredible”


Okay. Since I wrote that I hated Google previously, I feel obliged to backtrack on my stance. After writing about how inept my situation was being handled, come to find out, it was ME who was fucking up and I kept getting my passwords jumbled. I still do not use it as the “end allContinue reading “I LOVE GOOGLE!”


The nerve of those assholes… Have you ever spoken to a human being who works for them? Of course not. There are no people in the company, only bots, whatever the hell they are, that offer series of programmed questions which brings up another subset, and another, so on. You get the picture They runContinue reading “I HATE GOOGLE!”

Once Again I Was Right

Too much, too soon. America, in it’s zeal to stand up on a soap box, beat its chest, and proclaim: “We are inclusive, open-minded, and the United States of America embraces everyone and everything under the sun,” blah, blah, blah… Really? With identity such a hot topic, I hear hate speech every day it seems.Continue reading “Once Again I Was Right”


Mr. I-am-sending-a rocket-into-space-just-because-I-can Elon Musk once again looked like a horse’s ass when his much-ballyhooed marvel of technology blew up minutes after being launched out into the mist. His Starship, er, Sinkship is being fished out of the Atlantic Ocean. People are wondering “why isn’t NASA doing these space forays? Why is a private companyContinue reading “OOPS!”

More of Mark’s Musings

So that dumbass crook Clarence Thomas still has his nice house, millions of grafted dollars, and he sits on the Highest Court in the Land. Give me a fucking break. Lying, cheating, money-grubbing worm of a man and he sits on the Highest Court in the Land. What the hell is wrong with this country?Continue reading “More of Mark’s Musings”

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

A former president of the United States being charged and indicted for a series of crimes he was found guilty for. It might just be me, but I can’t help but feel that his candidacy for president is lacking the mad approval ratings and popular groundswell he enjoyed in 2016. That, and the fact thereContinue reading “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”