Maddogg’s Big Night(s)

It actually went about as well as I could have hoped for. Here are two short videos that my main roadie Karen successfully filmed.

Warmin’ Up

 It was not the largest crowd I have ever played for, but it was far from the smallest. The people were all polite, interested and engaged which is all a musician requires.

I was tipped generously, and I am good at “working the room” so I met some new friends in my new community and there was a very good vibe in the room.

There were two particular gentlemen that stayed for my whole three-hour show. Their names were Greg and Steve.  I made a mental note to buy ‘em a beer for that kind of loyalty.

I even managed to give out a couple books through my music trivia game. Greg provided the correct triple-answer to the questions: 1) the artist 2) the name of the movie it was from, or the name of the song. He knew the artist was Robert Carradine, the movie was Nashville, and the song was the Academy Award-nominated “I’m Easy, and that was the first time in about a dozen or so music trivia games, that they knew all three answers.  

Positive feedback from the employees (always a good sign when the servers and bartender bank out), and the GM was pleased and promised to give me a call about adding another date for me this month. I think he is pleased because he alluded to me moving outside to the porch when the weather warms up.

I am having an absolute blast doing this.

For my second big night, it was a lot less rigid as I hosted an open mic at the River Edge Sports Bar and Grill. I ended up doing a full two sets but it was over the course of three hours, mainly between setups and breakdowns.

She forgot to get a video, so no audio, just maddogg playing a couple tunes.

I also forgot to raise a toast that I had planned for the 19 Ukrainians who told a certain Russian warship Commander what he could do to himself after demanding their immediate surrender.

I will do it in my next time out.

A big highlight of the open mic was the performance of the band Kin. Their unique country-folk arrangements were really well-received and my main man, brother-in-law ADOGG delighted the crowd with his guitar and voice.

Everyone will look forward to having them back.

I have been so absorbed with this back-to-playing-out thing that I have to catch up with what is going on in this whacky planet of ours.

I hope you liked the sample short-short stories of the last week or so.

I am still lagging behind on getting my novel completed, but, as always, the real joy of writing for me is the mandatory hours of research that must set the foundation.

I still love learning new things.

I am so dialed in, I can memorize lines of Shakespeare, entire pamphlets or lengthy court documents.

But I can’t remember where I put my f***ing keys.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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