Catching Up


It has been a very busy week and today we both felt it. We ended up laying around and watching movies and reruns of Special Victims Unit.

On top of that the temperature dropped as snow appeared, probably for one of the last times as Spring takes center stage. Believe I will post some cool pics as we explore the different parks and lakes in Ohio.

I hope you found my short-short stories weird and entertaining.

New music development: Last week I was feeling very generous, and I thought of the times I was placed in rehab for one of the many surgeries I have endured. So I called up a network of nursing homes here in southern Ohio, and asked if they would like me to play some tunes for the residents.

Before I know it, he started talking about a 2-3pm timeslot to play for a “show.” He even said he would call me back with a “price.”


I think God just wants to make sure that I stay in good enough physical shape to allow me to continue this latest musical adventure. For this show I will prepare a playlist of about fifteen songs, but will probably not get them all in. It will also be the first time I will try to stand on my own two feet (even if one of them is just a small plastic prosthetic) for my entire set.

I am literally in training.

I’m starting to walk with a cane, no longer feeling stigmatized or othered because of it. I used to worry that people would think that I’m old, but I AM old. I even used a motorized cart at the Home Depot the other day.

Karen says I am like the computer in War Games.

I’m learning.

So I decided to get some shorts with pictures of dogs on them to keep with my “maddogg” brand, and I decide to enlist the aid of my unpaid assistant. I thought it would be fun having her be involved with the process.

It wasn’t.

I leave her at the computer after I pulled up several sites with male models sporting flat, rock-hard abs in shorts which would be perfect for my “show” outfit.

Several pages.

So I leave her to research while I went to the kitchen for a breakfast of coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, massive chicken-fried steak with white sausage gravy, a hill of crispy hash browns, three over-easy eggs, buttered sourdough toast, and three buttermilk pancakes languishing under a slathering of butter, and flooded with Vermont Maple syrup.





1 patty of Turkey sausage.

Dry toast.


But she is just keeping me alive to fight another day.

When I finished, I went to Karen, still staring at the computer screen.

I asked if all those websites and hundreds of pictures of shorts offered up any particular favorites?

“No,” she said. I ‘ve only looked at two.”

“Websites?” I asked.

“No, models.”

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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