I’m Baaack

I am getting ready to leave for my gig. I decided to open with Whiskey Bent and Hellbound to show my country chops right off the bat.

Talk to you later.

In the meantime, here are the entries (preface and short-story) for the letter N and the emotion is needy.

This will be my last posting of my book.



          Naughty. Instead of these salacious emotions, I went with Need. If you’ve ever needed something to the point that it is no longer a want you may relate to the couple in the next story. I don’t consider myself a needy person. At least my needs are simple.

          I think everyone’s needs are simple. Oxygen, water, food and shelter. Boom. OK, maybe throw in a job. A pet. Anything else falls in the want category. The disparity lies in how the needs are fulfilled. I must be truly great for me to have decided all this for the human race!

          I tell Karen all the time that when I am over everything (in charge of everything in the world) I will be making some changes. I will be the only person on the planet with access to the internet. No cell phones. No people driving 45 miles-per-hour in the high-speed lane, no meanness, re-instatement of the Code of Hammurabi, no semi-trucks allowed on ANY freeway while I am using it, no pollution, no commercials, no airline oligarchy, free health care, free education, salary based on contribution to the whole, and finally, pay-for-performance for every elected politician. You know, the more I read my own lines the more convinced I am that something is seriously wrong with me.

          Take a subject such as college football, for example. I have always been a Notre Dame fan. My father used to tell me at his school, the nuns (Sisters of the Holy Cross) would march he and his four brothers into school playing the Notre Dame Victory March. The song is one of the most recognizable college football fight songs ever. Now, with that being said, I want the Fighting Irish to win another national championship, but first I need someone to find a way to stop Alabama, Ohio State, USC, and the others.


          My impartial take is simply everyone is a Notre Dame fan, some just refuse to admit it. In the Final Walk up to the pearly gates of heaven, those standing in line as they approach St. Peter will undergo a slight metamorphosis.

          Forget “On Wisconsin,” “Hail to the Victors,” and “Fight On.” Inching closer to FINAL ADMITTANCE through the gates (and I have NO doubts about this) EVERYONEwill start humming the Notre Dame Victory March.

          Just in case.


          Sean Keaton is madly in love with Kelly O’Hara. How does he know? How will he ever know?

          He knows because he curses the days, hours, even minutes that they are apart. He knows because he physically aches for her touch. Her elegant neck simply adorned with an emerald necklace; her green eyes dancing as her crimson curls laugh around her soft white shoulders. Yes, Sean Keaton is very much in love.

          He could hardly wait to see her tonight.

          Kelly O’Hara is madly in love with Sean Keaton. No questions here. Kelly has lived within two blocks of Sean her entire life, all twenty-two years of it. She doesn’t exactly remember when it happened, only that it did happen, and she has loved Sean deeply for as long as she can remember. She was flooded with excitement and anticipation of seeing her love tonight.

          Their eyes met and the entire world melted away.

          She moved with the sexual power and grace of a predatory feline. Sean was mesmerized. As Kelly glided ever closer, Sean extended his hand. Kelly clasped it and placed it gently, lovingly, on her heaving chest. Their eyes locked in a knowing gaze and Sean could feel Kelly’s sweet, warm breath as her pulled her closer.

          Kelly was wearing a dark-blue Armani power suit that puddled on the floor. Both lovers worked frantically trying to undress each other. Time stood still amidst a flurry of torn silk, ripped buttons, and exposed flesh. Kelly ripped the snug t-shirt off Sean’s tight pecs, exposing his six-pack abs and eliciting an appreciative sigh from Kelly. Her eyes widened in excitement. She raked her long French nails across his rippled muscles.

          The two stood before each other, fully exposed and fully in love beyond words. Sean’s eager, hot lips parted Kelly’s and he tenderly explored her mouth with his silky tongue. He furiously grabbed her backside with both of his large hands. He pulled her tighter. Closer…

          Kelly was absolutely incendiary. She reached for the hardest part of Sean and slowly knelt before him. Sean’s eyes rolled as he gasped out Kelly’s name. Oh Kelly, Kelly, Kelly….

          Kelly rose, winked at Sean, and smiled.

          Sean could wait no longer. He lifted Kelly, inserted himself, and began rocking her in a rhythmic, animalistic dance. Their sweaty bodies climaxed simultaneously as trains collided, surf crashed to shore, and Sean and Kelly consummated their undying love.

          As the two lovers dressed, Sean peered around the corner, catching the eye of a pretty young blonde.

          “Waitress, Sean said. I think we’re ready to order now”

          I love coming to this restaurant.

Stay well.

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