Pancakes rock. When I was a kid, I could eat a stack of them all drizzled with butter and a river of maple syrup. As I got older, I sort of lost my appetite for them. Unless it was two or three in the morning and I had a snootful of VO and Budweiser. AfterContinue reading “Pancakes”


Today is Original Song Monday and my offering this week is a song I wrote when I was in the band Bad Intent. The year was 1990. We were a tight little band playing mostly covers and the first song I was able to propose and have all the guys buy-in was this song Friends.Continue reading “Friends”


As promised (I’m really trying to get better following through on my promises) I am starting TODAY 2/10 with the first audio installment of my book which I am attempting to narrate myself. Look for my installments to majorly increase in quality as I learn what the hell I am doing. Remember “good things comeContinue reading “Anger”