I Can’t Resist

A twenty-seven year old woodworking teacher in Missouri was arrested for having sex with a sixteen year old student. Her picture is not horrible, and I am sure with a ton of makeup, a push-up bra, and the right conditions, she could be every horny sixteen year-old’s dream girl. To all his buddies he isContinue reading “I Can’t Resist”

No Complaints

When it comes to dining out, I possess a great deal of empathy for people employed in the food service industry, from the dishwasher trainee to the prissy Executive Chef; all of them. In my career, and you have heard this a thousand times before, I’m sure, but I started at the lowest of theContinue reading “No Complaints”

The Great Chili Cookoff of 1992

I was working as an Executive for a very exclusive, very expensive resort in the southwest. I was not just an Executive Chef for three independent business units, I was also front of the house GM for them. It sounds like I had three full-time positions, but in reality, it was more like six. ThroughoutContinue reading “The Great Chili Cookoff of 1992”

It’s Not What You Know

It’s who you know. No question about it. In some Middle Eastern cultures, they believe that everyone has “markers” in their life that guide, inform, and help them as they make their way through this world. I’ve had several myself; I include my big brother Ed as one, as he was very supportive of meContinue reading “It’s Not What You Know”

Putting on a Show

Every performer’s purpose. Going over the top. In 1983 the restaurant in which I was manager, closed down. My District Manager walked in and said, “Let’s take a walk.” I pretty much had an idea of impending bad news. Hell, I could read. Nation’s Restaurant News had already broken the news. I was moved toContinue reading “Putting on a Show”


Way overused. There are several strata to negotiate before the word legendary can be bandied about. Start by being good. If you are not at least good, it’s over. You are done before you start. Then you stand out because you are better than the other participants. Time is the other element you must master.Continue reading “Legendary”

For Real?

It can’t be real life. This guy Nick Fuentes is a white supremacist? Did he get dropped on his head when he was a baby? Somebody, anybody needs to explain to him that his ancestors would be slaves and workers in the REAL white supremacists’ houses, businesses and plantations. Or they might be squatting inContinue reading “For Real?”

What’s Next and Yet Another Letter to Robin Meade

If you have checked out more than a few of my blogs, you will know that before every gig I play, and I seriously mean every single gig I play, even the charity shows, I have sent an email to Robin Meade, the ageless Ohio newscaster in the morning on HLN, inviting her to showContinue reading “What’s Next and Yet Another Letter to Robin Meade”

Getting it Just Right

Perfectionists.  I am one. Sometimes. Often confused with obsessive-compulsive behavior, there are several schools of thought that address it. One is the idealist, the person who actually believes perfection is possible. The other school posits that perfection is not possible. Of the two, the former is way more palatable to me because at bare minimum,Continue reading “Getting it Just Right”

News Makers

Used to be the news stations would report the news. Then came the insidious VNR’s and the news was now not what it is, but what the news stations want you to think it is. Colored by whatever political affiliations and agendas, news is now identified as “red” or “blue.” Either way, a load ofContinue reading “News Makers”