A Letter to a Hero

Three months ago I wrote a letter to Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford. My beloved Reds are making a run this year in the Premier League, currently sitting top of the table at the seaon’s mid-point. Marcus has been using his voice and celebrity status to try and get the British Parliament to form and implement a kingdom-wide startegy to help feed hungry children. He has met great success and continues to serve as an awesome example for good people and children everywhere.

Marcus isn’t the richest athlete; far from it. But there he is out there, speaking and promoting his cause, dear to his heart and a tribute to his own mother, who struggled to feed her own family. The world needs more people like Marcus Rashford.

As a couple we have always included donations in our budget. We’re the little guys. But enough little guys get togeteher and…….?

What started our conversation was the generosity of sports icon Lebron James and the I Promise school he started. Granted, he has way more to donate than the average guy, so I am just as impressed with the guy who donates weekends to something that benefits the greater good. But give Lebron major props.

Heroes all.

 Dear Marcus:                                                                        November 20, 2020

I had to take a minute or two out of my day to send off this letter commending you and your efforts in providing meals to needy kids in the United Kingdom. Many times governments can be slow to get things done, and it sometimes takes a bigger voice to help things along. There are other prominent figures, but YOU were the one who got involved and infused the same passion you have for football into your cause. As in most cases, you (and the kids) won. By doing so, you bring honor to your mum and all those single parents trying to do their best for their kids’ futures and could use a little help. You aren’t asking that the government provide perks or benefits. Food. How on Earth do you possibly argue against an initiative that just wants to feed a few needy kids?

I admit I am an Anglophile. An American, I grew up in the Midlands in the late 60’s and I speak fondly of my experiences in England in my book. Those were the days of Georgie Best, Geoff Hurst, Alan Ball, etc. My first-ever match was in 1967 Man Utd. At West Brom. I was dyed red that day and remain ever faithful to the Red Devils. My loyalty also extends to anyone who “does the right thing.” It is not always easy, but it is ALWAYS right.

In this global pandemic, it seems that all the norms have been altered inexorably for all time. It is how we deal with improving ourselves moving forward that will define us as a species. At my age, I think of just about everyone as a “kid.” Not now. Not anymore.

You sir, are a man.


Mark Diaz

Stay well.

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