I’m Not Getting Better, I’m Getting Older

Not really, but it’s a catchy title, no? Not too bad, but I am sitting here in my new little in-the-process-of-being-remodeled home, and so thankful for yet another bounteous Christmas spent with my girl. Man, I keep hearing all the news about the numbers involved with the Covid-19 virus, and they are downright scary. EverContinue reading “I’m Not Getting Better, I’m Getting Older”

Starting Anew

I lay down some words which will be included in the new song I am putting together, and I am having a blast with my Oculus II except I am now officially done with the rollercoaster app. Stomach-churning. The song is called Without You and the words I have assembled in this, the embryonic processContinue reading “Starting Anew”

Oh Really?

I read a headline that indicated that Officer Kimberly Potter who mistakenly killed a man when she shot Daunte Wright with her service revolver instead of a taser. I have fired both and I can tell you the weight, balance, and feel are not similar. She said, “I am sorry it happened.” That should doContinue reading “Oh Really?”

Enough Already!

As a fan of the greatest football team on the planet, I have come to expect much more than what is currently passing as football at Old Trafford. Stinko. Today’s match at Watford has me wondering once again, what the hell is going on? Georgie Best is surely turning in his grave. I’ll tell youContinue reading “Enough Already!”

One More Time

Today at 10:30 EST I check into the hospital for a very short stay (I hope) as the vascular surgeon will be cleaning out my right corraded artery and putting yet another stent in my beautiful brown body. That makes a total of 9 and three of those were lost to amputation. I know IContinue reading “One More Time”

Sports Wrap-up

We can’t mention the week without The Return to Old Trafford of favorite son Cristiano Ronaldo. But since he will not play until next weekend, enough about that. Except I just saw an ad that USA picked up the game for US distribution so now I am positive that number 7 will be in theContinue reading “Sports Wrap-up”

Keeping Secrets

Everyone does it. Nations do it. Hell, they not only keep secrets about their enemies, they keep secrets about their own citizens. Spooky. It is another of my convoluted beliefs that if you have absolutely NO secrets, you have lived a pretty boring life. As long as membership into a seminary includes being a humanContinue reading “Keeping Secrets”

Did Hell Freeze Over?

I know I have been a little groggy with medications, but what did I miss? Ronaldo was benched. Messi was traded. Now I am not an expert, but you know that silly little thing won’t stop me from chiming in. In a year when trade rumors and gossip are filled with the biggest names inContinue reading “Did Hell Freeze Over?”

I Hate Losing

I’ve said it before. I just sat through a disgusting display by the Manchester United Football Club. I am a Red through and through, but when it takes 10 penalty shots to lose to a substandard team from Spain, we just don’t have the team we want or need to represent Old Trafford and theContinue reading “I Hate Losing”

Is NOTHING Sacred?

Mondays I play a song. Here is an Eagles song. An unruly crowd. Out of control people desecrating an iconic place. Old Trafford, the holiest of places in English football. What the fuck is the matter with you? Who do you think you are, Americans? I much prefer soccer (football) hooligans to the destructive idiotsContinue reading “Is NOTHING Sacred?”