Tomorrow it is Then

Super Bowl Sunday.

Food paradise. Alcohol nirvana. Party time!

Close friends, family get-togethers, oh, and shouting and screaming. Lots and lots of shouting and screaming. I will only squawk about this once and then I will climb down from my shaky old soap box.

Take care.

We are finally making gains against this killer virus, so please take precautions to protect you, your family, and any guests you may invite. There, I said it (I broke my mama’s credit…).

So stay safe because I want you to be able to watch The Kid go for his third Super Bowl win in a row next year in Los Angeles. This is the home of my childhood favorite team the Rams. I remember watching Roman Gabriel, the Fearsome Foursome, and eating/spilling big warm bags of popcorn. The team played their games in The Coliseum, currently occupied by the USC Trojans. It seemed as big as the whole universe to me. Probably why I didn’t grow up to be an astronomer.

As far as the game goes, through the lens of an ardent (read obsessed) ex-gambler, it’s one of those games where I shrug my shoulders and proclaim, “my heart is with the Bucs and the GOAT, but my wallet is with The Kid and the Chiefs.” Then again, I have always had a tendency to the bright and shiny.

I have lost mucho dinero on those bets. Certainly don’t listen to me.

My prediction is KC 34 TB 21. Of course Karen is taking the opposite of whoever I root for.

Starting on Thursday, 2/10, I will begin narrating my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s starting from Page One to The End. If it works out OK, I’ll look to do an audiobook as I have received several requests to do so. So, as this book is an entirely new genre of writing, I hope it transitions to audio. Either way, I am gonna get stoned and have a blast doing it.

I begin each letter of the alphabet with a brief preface followed by one or two short or short-short stories. Look for “A” (preface) and the first short story in the book titled My Furry Friend. It will be listed on the website as an every-Wednesday event.

Let me know what you think.

So as I anticipate my beloved Manchester United Red Devils prepare for those bloody Toffees from Everton, it is another beautiful sunny day in Arizona. Coming off our record 9-goal thrashing of Southampton, I hope to see a treble find the back of the old potato sack. The front five are hungry to score, and if Pogba and Bruno do what they do, we can make a serious run for the title. It’s only fitting that City are top of the table, setting up another Derby classic. I predict a 3-goal shutout win as it appears David de Gea is back in top form.

 One final word: Pig out tomorrow, drink it up (no driving please), root like hell for your team, and most of all:… be safe.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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