The Best Advice I Never Took

During my infamous hot streak in the casinos of Las Vegas in 1977, I went on an unheard of four month winning streak that defied all odds. I mean I had been hot on a couple of occasions before and I pocketed a few hundred bucks along the way, but this was something altogether different.Continue reading “The Best Advice I Never Took”

Tipped Employees

I am a good tipper. I was taught by my mom that you did not accept service from someone without compensating them. We always had money to go out AND tip for services rendered. And we weren’t rich by any means. Of the many jobs I worked in my life, it’s hard to beat musician,Continue reading “Tipped Employees”

Be on the Alert

Why? Why do you want to live life continually “on the alert” for things which may or may not, happen? Go gives a flying shit anyway (as if shit could fly)? I am drawing the line on alerts. I just got an alert from my bank telling me “you have no alerts at this time.”Continue reading “Be on the Alert”


God do I love my wife but she cannot cook worth a damn. She knows it. I’m not railroading her or anything, it’s just that when they took off my lower left leg, Karen’s biggest fear was realized: Not because she would have to help me with everything, but because she would now be responsibleContinue reading “Cooking”


Or lack of. Whichever your tendency. Perspective . If you lack focus on something, aren’t you really saying you are simply focused on something else? I’m starting to make sense to myself, so I know I am stoned. Speaking of which, I will be making a trip to the dispensary later this morning. The weatherContinue reading “Focus”

Tomorrow it is Then

Super Bowl Sunday. Food paradise. Alcohol nirvana. Party time! Close friends, family get-togethers, oh, and shouting and screaming. Lots and lots of shouting and screaming. I will only squawk about this once and then I will climb down from my shaky old soap box. Take care. We are finally making gains against this killer virus,Continue reading “Tomorrow it is Then”

Decisions, Decisions

Mostly bad ones. Like when I left college and I find myself in the expansive (by 1978 standards) Stardust Sports Book. I am drunk (big surprise there) and making an ass out of myself while flirting with this (50k boob job) cocktail waitress. If her eyes rolled any further back in her head from myContinue reading “Decisions, Decisions”