Speak Up!

Keeping with the schedule, I am reciting another excerpt today from my first book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!  and I invite you to examine yet another twisted side of my psyche. I did the first two stories under the letter “A” so today, under the letter “B” I have included the single, (but powerful n’est-ce pas?) story Speak Up! and keeping the alphabetical thing going, the emotion is bashful.

Here is the preface

Here is the short story titled Speak Up!

Also, shoot me a pic of your sunset and location. I’ll post it on the sunsets page. I got some from Ohio, which is cool because as I have posted, Karen and I will be moving out there when we are able.

Speaking of my better half: update on the Nag Patrol. These innocuous, totally innocent and certainly unoffensive comments (according to her) were delivered to me in the course of a meager five-day sample of what paradise must be like:

“I really don’t mean to offend (brace for it, you know it’s coming…) but is it possible your hair is causing the TV screen to scramble?”

“Can you please move? I can’t see the screen.” She was sitting to the side of me.

“ I read where a woman had an actual mouse living in her hair. Do you check every day?” That was the shot that almost sent me over the edge, but no, I was a good boy.

Tongue bit.

“How’s traffic on your side? Your mop (yes, she called it a mop) is blocking all vision. Could be dangerous.”

She was right about that.

On brighter notes, I am over the case of shingles I was battling for a couple weeks. Valtrex did it. I guess we caught it early as I only had two areas affected (chest and back) and both cleared up immediately with the medication. The rashes I did have were small, but painful as hell. The hardest part of having shingles to me was the difficulty in finding a comfortable sleeping position.

I am also getting ready to go golfing for the first time in 2 years, albeit on one leg. Who knows, with the way I hit the ball with two good legs, I might actually be better now. I’ll have my golf buddy Doug take a short video and I’ll put it on the blog, even if I do just duff it. I promise you a few things will happen on Saturday afternoon: I’ll chat with my dear departed Pops and laugh at our old golf antics, I’ll bitch-slap the golf ball all over God’s Green Acre, and if my usual game prevails, I will still have the time of my life. And don’t think for a second I won’t be thanking God the whole time for giving me the strength to fight through all the surgeries and rehab and be able to enjoy the Arizona sunshine and a beautifully-manicured golf course.

As I always do, I include my undying thanks for Karen for her strength in getting me on this first tee. Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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