Sleeping In

Since I am posting this blog about twelve hours later than usual, I am sure you understand. I slept in. I don’t use the term overslept, because quite frankly, I don’t think there is such a thing. I love sleep. Next to being stoned, it is the best use of hours we have as aContinue reading “Sleeping In”

Two Words

Describe the United States of America in two words. In my lifetime (68 years and counting), I have seen my two-word description change and change back. I guess I would describe my first five years in a Safe and Powerful country. As we entered the sixties, I would use Happy and Riotous to describe halfContinue reading “Two Words”

The Face of Pain

So I am up enjoying my morning coffee, when I turn on the telly to see Margaret Brennan interviewing The Man…Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. My gut reaction? What a fantastic forest green dress Brennan is wearing. Then, as I watched the man describing what is happening in his country, and how, with the U.S. leadingContinue reading “The Face of Pain”

God’s Office Hours

24/7. Anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to be inside a venerable edifice to speak to the Creator. It doesn’t even have to be Sunday. I talk to God all the time. I thank him for things, I offer prayers to those in need, and I am constantly asking for forgiveness. My use of His nameContinue reading “God’s Office Hours”

God Saved the Queen

Rest well, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen of the United Kingdom has ascended to her rightful place among the pantheon of world leaders. No matter what was happening in this tumultuous world, the Queen was always there, as steady as a rock, representing the United Kingdom with class and grace. When a young American boy,Continue reading “God Saved the Queen”


Obviously, I did not post a blog to mark the season-opening loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes. It wasn’t the romp everyone expected, but it was starting to look like if the game were just a bit longer, the score would have been more lopsided. My boys were wearing down against the huge linemen ofContinue reading “Mourning”

Teaching the Basics

Here I go talking about a subject I have absolutely no business talking about. That never stopped me before. And it didn’t stop the male legislators who voted against Roe v Wade. As you know, Karen and I were not blessed with children. Even though I have no doubt I would have been a kick-assContinue reading “Teaching the Basics”

Lazy Sunday

I can’t wait for fall sports to start back up. The Domestic Despot is off my case today, as she had just a little too much vino last night. I can tell when she is at her limit when she asks to smoke pot. She never smokes pot. Dead giveaway. I practiced a few hoursContinue reading “Lazy Sunday”

Striking Out

It is OK to strike out. Once in a while. In a sport where the players earn millions of dollars (what sport doesn’t pay you millions anymore?) for hitting a ball, you can earn the highest level of fame and accolades if you are successful thirty-five percent of the time. Thirty-five. I was successful thirty-threeContinue reading “Striking Out”


Being “good with numbers” is pretty much a requirement for any successful businessperson. I don’t care to even think about how much money I wasted in my life. The amount would disgust some, but I don’t give a  shit. It makes me smile. And it gave me true stories that others can only read about.Continue reading “Numbers”