I’m Shaking My Head

When I think of the state of education in this country. Critical thought is dying, replaced with the ramblings of frightened white people who want to shape the future for young students. Nope, no such thing as slavery. Never happened. God? Never happened. You can deny all you want, you can further propagate the liesContinue reading “I’m Shaking My Head”


I drive too fast. And they got me. I was on my way home from a drummer audition and I was going about 85 on the Interstate when the lights came on and I had to cross two lanes to get to the shoulder of the road. Busted. No excuses, no emergency to get to,Continue reading “Speeding”


Okay. Since I wrote that I hated Google previously, I feel obliged to backtrack on my stance. After writing about how inept my situation was being handled, come to find out, it was ME who was fucking up and I kept getting my passwords jumbled. I still do not use it as the “end allContinue reading “I LOVE GOOGLE!”


The nerve of those assholes… Have you ever spoken to a human being who works for them? Of course not. There are no people in the company, only bots, whatever the hell they are, that offer series of programmed questions which brings up another subset, and another, so on. You get the picture They runContinue reading “I HATE GOOGLE!”

More of Mark’s Musings

So that dumbass crook Clarence Thomas still has his nice house, millions of grafted dollars, and he sits on the Highest Court in the Land. Give me a fucking break. Lying, cheating, money-grubbing worm of a man and he sits on the Highest Court in the Land. What the hell is wrong with this country?Continue reading “More of Mark’s Musings”

Solving Problems

Ron DeSantis finally said something I agree with. It has taken years, but I am on record, on this very blog, saying I do not believe the new gender identity issue is an arena that needs to be injected into the competitive sports world. Horses don’t let motorcycles be loaded into the paddocks to raceContinue reading “Solving Problems”

Post #800!

I woke up this morning with the worst throat cold ever, but I couldn’t blow off practice, so I showed up anyway. Just my (our) luck. I have been madly, vainly, searching for a drummer to hook up with us and complete the band. So not one, or two, but three potential drummer-bandmates have askedContinue reading “Post #800!”


Don’t do it. Boom! I solved that one, now moving on… We are taught never to quit when we are growing up. “Finish what you started,” man, there are a hundred quotes all urging us to never quit. What if you are doing something bad? Quitting, in my childhood, wasn’t even on the options list.Continue reading “Quitting”


This will probably be the fastest blog I will ever type since I am so passionate about the subject. What the fuck is wrong with people? I have bragged about how nice the people out here are, and just when its safe to go into the water, an idiot has damned her soul to aContinue reading “Abandonment”

Fool Me Once

You know the rest of the saying… It’s about learning from your mistakes, and the time, if ever, that it takes to turn a mistake into a learning lesson. The truth of the matter is that some people never learn. Call it a learning disability in the most clinical sense, but the undeniable fact ofContinue reading “Fool Me Once”