Second Chances

Not everybody deserves them. Murderers should die the same way they killed. Thieves should have to pay back ten times what they stole at whatever rate they pay working prisoners per license plate, or whatever. If it starts to take ten years prison time to start paying back small fines, criminals may think twice. NoContinue reading “Second Chances”

Better Late?

If you call me up and don’t start speaking within the first five seconds, my ass is gonna hang up on your ass and I will block your number for all-time. Pet peeve? Probably more like a foible. Although I am actually avoiding the Old Man Syndrome where everything irritates you, and that is probablyContinue reading “Better Late?”


This will probably be the fastest blog I will ever type since I am so passionate about the subject. What the fuck is wrong with people? I have bragged about how nice the people out here are, and just when its safe to go into the water, an idiot has damned her soul to aContinue reading “Abandonment”

Such Sweet Sorrow

I am terrible at goodbyes. Gangbusters with “hello’s” but “goodbyes” hurt too much. At the handful of funerals I have attended, I refuse to look at the human mannequin on display in the thousand-dollar casket as woeful hymns and the smell of fresh flowers permeate everything. I prefer to think of the living person andContinue reading “Such Sweet Sorrow”

New Year’s Revolutions

Everybody makes them every year and every year we break our resolve and return to the behavior we wish to eliminate from our lives. I never break a New Year’s resolution. Never. Because I don’t make any. I don’t think I ever got drunk enough to make a resolution to stop drinking. There was thisContinue reading “New Year’s Revolutions”

Did I Read That Right?

Did that silly little asshole Putin threaten the United States because we are sending Patriot missile defense systems to Ukraine? He better shut the fuck up and watch his six. Ukraine is winning the war without our Patriot missile defense systems. They are enduring blackouts, genocide, and murder at the hands of a godless Russia.Continue reading “Did I Read That Right?”

The Star Spangled Banner

Just sing the damn song. Don’t “stylize” it. Don’t “interpret it.” Don’t change it. Don’t try to make it yours. It’s not yours. It’s ours. Quit turning the word “brave” into an eight syllable song all its own. It’s one. Sing it like you did in elementary school. It was good enough then, and it’sContinue reading “The Star Spangled Banner”

Putting on a Show

Every performer’s purpose. Going over the top. In 1983 the restaurant in which I was manager, closed down. My District Manager walked in and said, “Let’s take a walk.” I pretty much had an idea of impending bad news. Hell, I could read. Nation’s Restaurant News had already broken the news. I was moved toContinue reading “Putting on a Show”

The Mods and Rockers

Growing up in the mid-to-late sixties in England was awesome. The life off-base was totally different, and a lot less safe for American teenagers. On base, there was zero crime. But if you ventured out, you might find yourself right in the middle of something between the two dominant groups of the time. The ModsContinue reading “The Mods and Rockers”

Check This Out

Some nut job in where else, Oklahoma, ate a last meal which he did not deserve. That’s the story. Not that he admitted remorse for his unforgivable crime of placing a three year-old boy who had just wet the bed, on a scorching furnace, and then raising him high in the air and slamming himContinue reading “Check This Out”