Clash of the Titans

Well, it was truly a magnificent Easter Sunday and the annual Battle Royale resumed between my two sons Murphy and Bruiser. The 5th Annual Diaz Brothers Easter Egg Contest.

Murphy was the runt of the litter and is a little scrapper. However, he is afraid of everything and I do mean everything. He is also very non-competitive and could care less about some silly contest his freaky Mom and Dad make him do every year. But he’s cool; he doesn’t say anything. I can pretty much guarantee Murphy will find one plastic egg with meat inside.

Bruiser, on the other hand is always aided by Karen, so he has a perfect 4-0 record in the event.

My mad phone video skillz have once again not recorded the event, but I did get this short shot of the contestants pre-game:

Stop the presses!

In a David-v-Goliath contest, Murphy pulled the major upset by finding 4 of the 8 eggs planted by the Easter Bunny to TIE his big brother!

Way to go Murph!

In the heat of my anthropomorphism I decided to have a father-son chat with Bruiser about being a gracious winner, but all he wanted to do was lick Murphy’s butt.

We’ve got realtor appointments set next week, so we will be sending the boys to a Doggy Day Care for several hours. It will be their first time away from home, so Karen will have Post-Puppy Partum going on.

I’m interested to see how the dogs adjust to the snowy winters back east. I’m sure they’ll be fine, but I know Murphy will freak out at first.

Like I said, everything scares him.

Since we have moved up our time frame to a possible July 1 or August 1 departure date, we will entertain realtors this week. If you live in the U.S. you know the housing market is (pardon the pun) through the roof right now. In my little neighborhood, the houses turn very fast. We don’t know what we’ll do when we get to Ohio, but I have my man Steve Kiessling working on it for me.

We haven’t had to do a lot to get it ready to show other than cosmetic cleaning and landscaping. I don’t know if Karen thought it was cosmetic; she worked her ass off. The house is ready and we still need to trade in our two little Toyotas for a new SUV. Leaning towards a Blazer but let me know if you like yours and what you drive. We will be driving from Phoenix to Cincinnati.

I’m excited to be driving again. Hope I don’t meltdown and crash the vehicle in my test drive. I would love to keep my little red Corolla; it runs great and I clock 30mpg out of her. I

just can’t drive a clutch with my prosthetic leg. Hello automatic transmission.

For that matter, I would still be driving my little GEO Prism. It was a great little car and it had about a hundred golf ball-sized dimples as it caught more than its fair share of errant golf shots while I was practicing in the desert. My little purple car died in the middle lane of I-10 on the busiest section of the freeway overpass system.

What a joy!

Since this is Music Monday, I am posting my version of a Jim Croce song Next Time, This Time: Let me know…

Stay well.

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