The More Things Stay the Same

Mass shooting number one thirty-one just came and went in Tennessee at a private Christian elementary school. That’s 132 in the first three months of the year. We are always claiming some sort of political-moral supremacy and we go out on a daily basis looking every bit like Lord of the Flies is the AmericanContinue reading “The More Things Stay the Same”

Building a Playlist

We got a two-hour practice in and we are adding to our playlist. I will list what we have so far and then I’m stoked to show you my new song titled Lunchtime Assassin. I mean no disrespect at all to the field of education, having happily worked in that arena for fourteen years. WhenContinue reading “Building a Playlist”

Day 2

Starting a Band at Age 68 Our newest member of our as yet-unnamed band is a guy named Paul who showed up and meshed with our lead guitarist, and we were basically on the same page. We’ll get better. Much better. I can tell from talking with these two very cool people that all weContinue reading “Day 2”

Never Say Never Again

I was told it was a great James Bond movie, but all I seem to remember about that film was Kim Basinger. When I stopped playing in my last band some fifteen years ago, I said never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, again am I going to get into a band. I hated havingContinue reading “Never Say Never Again”

Who’s to Blame?

Everyone does it. Not many people are evolved enough to go through life without blaming someone or something. For the most part, I am good with my spot on the totem pole of athletes. Nowhere near the top, but also no way near the bottom, either. When you combine a fierce resolve to win withContinue reading “Who’s to Blame?”

Knee-Jerk Reactions

Gut reactions. Your first instinct. Think before you speak. I am so guilty of this, yet another reason to thank God for sending me Karen who is the exact opposite in this regard. I took a trip up to my marijuana dispensary just north of Dayton. It is a short ten-minute drive. They are notContinue reading “Knee-Jerk Reactions”

I Was a Stripper

          True story.           After I left school and travelled all over this beautiful country of ours, I met up with a scotch-soaked bar room queen in Tulsa. Not exactly a Rolling Stones song, but oh, so close.           Shady was her name, but her given name was Shadelle La Fontaine Pemberton.           She wasContinue reading “I Was a Stripper”

In The Doghouse (again)

It doesn’t happen quite as much anymore, but I still find myself undergoing the silent treatment and the slow burn, even after I wisely, preemptively, apologize. I don’t take nearly as long as I used to delivering my mea culpa. That’s just wasted time. When I am wrong, I’m wrong. It only took most ofContinue reading “In The Doghouse (again)”


I never liked them and still don’t. I learned my lesson early; or you think I would have learned my lesson when I was four years old. Mom had taken my brother, sister and I to a park in East Los Angeles. My memory has been aided by other accounts, and here is evidently howContinue reading “Bullies”

Wednesday Showtime at Liberty Place

I had an absolute blast performing for the residents of Liberty Place Memory Care in West Chester. The first thing you notice about the place is its location, at the end of a drive through a very upper-income housing area. Usually, the paces I have played are not in this type of neighborhood. The propertyContinue reading “Wednesday Showtime at Liberty Place”