So many cultures on this planet, and an overwhelmingly great amount of them, believe in the stewardship of the Earth’s resources. To them Mother Nature is not a figment; they treat the planet as an equal spirit as alive as the beautiful flora and fauna and the animals that populate her and depend on her to provide for them. They also feel it their responsibility (and birthright) to ensure they provide for future generations as was done for them by their ancestors.

This means: NO CLEARCUTTING. In this day and age, why the hell are we still consuming trees to make paper? We don’t need to make our buildings out of wood. There are so many eco-friendly alternatives that don’t require you hacking away at God’s Garden to make or save a dollar. You can start with the absolute fucking IDIOTS who always send you an extra piece of paper (blank) every time they print and send a document.

I propose NO FINES for businesses caught polluting our lakes, oceans, and landfills. Instead, CLOSURE and removal from the financial infrastructure (stock exchange) is the only answer, and I promise if you do it once, problem solved. No fines. No second, third, or fourth chances. CLOSURE.

It also means NO CHEMICAL WASTE DUMPING. And I’m not talking about just finding somewhere besides our nation’s borders to kill a different part of the planet. Let’s try harnessing our scientific resources and focus them on making something useful and non-toxic from this waste. I bet if there is a buck in doing so, it will be looked at.

DESALINIZATION. It is an expensive process to do so, but it is no more expensive than war, which everyone seems too eager to jump into anymore, and a lot less destructive. This will help the planet and us, as a species, to move forward.  How about universal $5.00/month water bills forever?

NO MORE PLASTIC (see the Pacific Gyre).

To keep our nation clean, put people to work. Doing what?

Stewardship. Even dirty people will wash up for a buck.

If you have ever been to Canada or Europe, the streets and buildings are immaculate, almost Disneyland-esque (I just made up a new word). It is a source of local, regional, and national pride, something we are sorely lacking here in the United States. There is a transformation people undergo when they live in comfortable clean surroundings: a sense of self-pride and self-worth if nothing else, and this is something we all know wouldn’t suck.

BIODEGRADEABLE PACKAGING ONLY. No exceptions. Mandatory prison terms for violators. Not the lever-pullers—the Chief Executive Officers.

NO AIR POLLUTION. Electric transportation only. CLOSURE of any company contributing to the pollution of our air supply. Period. Elimination of the import of fossil fuels. Legally, one small change would help. Make crimes of pollution felonies. After all, these are crimes against humanity and attempted murder.

I tell Karen all the time “when I am over everything (in charge of everything on the planet), there will be some harsh changes.”

These will be some of them.

Stay well.

P.S. Check out the story titled Stewardship in my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!

It will blow your mind.

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