Think About It

`1Two million people as of about an hour ago, are without power in the wake of Hurricane Ian. I knew two Ian’s in my lifetime. One was a pussy, and the other was one of the meanest SOB’s you would ever run across. Best be left alone and not to be fucked with. Kind ofContinue reading “Think About It”

A Great Big Hit

from my bong goes to: Aaron Judge, the new York Yankee who will set the Major League Baseball record with only a couple more home runs. He might have even done it and I haven’t seen the news yet tonight. He’s also the first selection because he probably would refuse the hit, leaving more forContinue reading “A Great Big Hit”

Take A Breath

A lot has happened lately and you are entitled to a bit of a breather. It is another gorgeous day in southern Ohio, climbing to a muggy 85 today, but before we left Arizona a year and a half ago, there was a string of 32 straight days in temperatures over 105 degrees! I haveContinue reading “Take A Breath”

We Are Something Else

Can you believe those stupid-ass Norwegians who decided to euthanize the beautiful walrus named Freya because she supposedly posed a threat to humans? The walrus would occasionally jump on or in a smaller vessel to take a break and sunbathe. She chased the moronic tourists who would not give her enough space, so occasionally sheContinue reading “We Are Something Else”

Teaching the Basics

Here I go talking about a subject I have absolutely no business talking about. That never stopped me before. And it didn’t stop the male legislators who voted against Roe v Wade. As you know, Karen and I were not blessed with children. Even though I have no doubt I would have been a kick-assContinue reading “Teaching the Basics”


I was practicing my playlist for my upcoming gig(s) and I thought I haven’t publicly thanked anyone in a while. To the healthcare professionals who continue to fight disease and keep us safe, gracias. To the politicians who know right from wrong and follow through in their actions with that in mind, merci beaucoup. ToContinue reading “Thanks”

Carry On

The more things change, the more they stay the same… The Golden State Warriors won another NBA title, Manchester City bought the world’s best striker in Erling Harlen, and my Manchester United are doing absolutely nothing, except watch players fleeing due to mismanaged contracts. I think losing Jesse Lingard will return to bite them inContinue reading “Carry On”


You either believe in them or you don’t. I believe in them. There some clinical people who need a scientific explanation for everything. They must quantify everything they see. I don’t get it. There does NOT have to be a reason for something. I am definitely not proposing that we just throw our hands upContinue reading “Miracles”


Now, we’ll be going over several notable examples on this subject in this blog. Now there are baseballs, all other athletic sports’ balls, and then there are the balls it takes to stand in the face of certain death and tell a certain Russian warship commander exactly what he could do to himself as aContinue reading “Balls”

Small Potatoes

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big first amendment guy and of course I believe in free speech. For every voice on the planet, but somebody PLEASE stick a sock in the misguided mouth of Marjorie Greene. Turn the page. Challenge all the amendments you want. You are ineligible for re-election. Get over yourself.Continue reading “Small Potatoes”