Free Speech

Sure it’s free, it costs nothing to open your gaping yap and spew bullshit.

Forget whether the words are full of hate or whether the words are inciteful and dangerous.

Doesn’t matter.

It is my right and my speech is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

What did I say about opening yaps and spewing?

I really don’t think the Founding Fathers with their powdered wigs and bejeweled snuff boxes envisioned pornography, insurrection, and gender identification issues when they added that first amendment.

I always wondered who had the very Last Word, the Ultimate Oracle, the Truth?

Now I know.

Elon Musk.

It shouldn’t take too long for the ex and future President to be tweeting again like a twelve year-old girl.

The Democrats have to be ecstatic.

His own polluted mind is his own worst enemy.

Let him tweet.

It provides comic relief in a war-torn, diseased and divided world.

You can find humor in the weirdest places.

Some free speech is not cool.

There are these trifling little things called consequences.

No one can just amble aimlessly through the big game of life without realizing the yin and the yang; the equal and opposite reaction, the checks and balances that they require to live an honorable life.

Does anybody even know what that is anymore? Did you ever?

Not that I will be tossing any rocks at glass houses or anything like that.

This is the result of a fractious, polarized nation that is the very LAST example of a truly United States of America.


Now with what I am sure will be historically recorded as Putin’s Folly, I am sure that single, solitary thought has creeped into his little baby head.

I could lose this fucking war.

How badass would that be?

Little Ukraine winning the war against big, bad Russia.

They’d run Putin out of the Kremlin like they did Homer Stokes at the Soggy Bottom Boys show.

The only possibility of that happening is if we, and other nations, continue to help aid the brave and out-gunned Ukrainians.

I said it before and it is so.

Biden or ANY other politician (go ahead, pick one), is in a no-win situation.

Damned if he don’t, damned if he do.

With the economy now the big story with prices of everything through the roof, either push for NATO intervention and potentially unleash a Global Thermonuclear War like WOPR did in War Games, or back the fuck out and let Putin have his way with Ukraine, but if you think that little weasel will stop there, well, there is a saying that is very much an American slang expression that is learned at an early age.

We learn the question “Are you fucking crazy?”

What happened to “think before you speak?”


Problem solved.

Maddogg does it again.

I distill and make things crystalline.

It’s what I do.

As always, I do not wear either red or blue in the political sense, and I know I have the right to tell Karen anything I want, but….

Free speech?


Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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