Smiling Faces

I was pleased at the size and exuberance of the crowd at my 2pm show today at the Kingston Nursing Home.

It was a cool retreat from the crazy humid-heat we are experiencing and I arrived early to set up. With the help of Dan the Therapy Man, who helped me set up and load and unload my PA system, it went very smooth. Dan is one of the unsung heroes who put other people first and the world needs more like him.

I actually played closer to an hour and a half and I was well-received.

It was such a cool vibe that I just played songs from memory instead of sticking to a precisely-drawn out playlist which is my usual MO.

I received quite the ovation upon completion of the crowd favorite I’ve Been Everywhere by the one and only Johnny Cash.

That has become a staple on my playlists.

My next gig is in nine days, so I will have to send out the requisite email to Robin Meade to see if the fifteenth time is the charm.

Will she finally take me up and show at one of my gigs?

Crazier shit has happened, but not much crazier.

My stump is a little sore as it usually is after I put a lot of stress on it. Normally, Karen helps with the loading and unloading, so I put it through a workout.

Can’t wait for her to come home.

It is thick outside, with the humidity reminding me of my high school football practices in sweltering South Carolina summer conditioning. We grunted, sweated, and ran our asses into the ground under our real hardass old-school coach. He was determined not to see us repeat the 1-10 season the previous year’s team had accomplished.

We didn’t.

We went 0-11.

Not a lot of smiling faces, and we only had two blue-chip athletes on our team; a big, slow rifle-armed quarterback and a receiver who would go on to star first at the University of Missouri, and later in the NFL.

There were a lot of smiling faces at the open mic tonight at the Lucky Star brewery. I went to show support for the local music scene and the players, but the truth was, I was dead-tired from my recent gigs, so I didn’t sign up to play.

It was like the rock and roll band I was in playing the college bar scene in Tempe, Arizona. We would play a three-hour show, after which we would break down the equipment and I was ready for the sack.

The other four maniacs in the band were plotting the rest of the night on Mill Avenue which I am sure would include those flavored vodka shots that seriously taste like flavored water.

They are dangerous.

I forgot to pick up my charity check for the Humane Society of Greater Dayton before I left, so I’ll give them a call in a day or so.

Very nice people there, and I look forward to returning.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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