Embarrassing and Economical

The audio book excerpt from my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! this week is for two short-short stories I included under the letter “E.” The first is called Perfect Fit and the other is titled Point of View.

I recounted a story of THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME in a previous blogpost called Payback, but a close second to that foolish episode was when I accidentally sent the wrong letter to the wrong girlfriend. I was Charles Romance again, but as usual, I turned out to be Mr. Dumbass. I was off to college and I guess I mismanaged the feelings of some very nice girls. Oh. That’s total bullshit. Of course I “mismanaged their feelings,” I was a piece of shit for doing it. In hindsight, I could say quite neatly that I had “merely forgotten to break up with them,” but that sounds extremely lame even to me. When I received a letter back from my girlfriend in Massachusetts, I eagerly opened it. She had enclosed the letter I had intended to send to my girlfriend in California.

She didn’t even include a written goodbye.

Recipe for Disaster

1 gorgeous auburn-haired girl


1 gorgeous blonde-haired girl


1 Salty Mexican


Bad intentions

Misguided intentions

Overinflated ego

Lack of Respect

Mix all ingredients.

End result will be total humiliation.

Oh yeah, sprinkle with weed because I HAD to be stoned if I sent the wrong letter to the wrong girl. I definitely know that.

As far as being economical, unless you have full coffers and a steady stream of refilling such, the rest of us need to save a few bucks on occasion.

Stay well.

PS: Check out my website marksplayhouse.com when you get a chance.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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