Fair or Unfair?

There is a major controversy in the realm of collegiate sports which has developed into a firestorm of debate on the legitimacy of the national collegiate swimming championship recently won by Lia Thomas. I know I sound like I don’t, but I have always believed in acceptance and inclusivity. I am sensitive to the issuesContinue reading “Fair or Unfair?”


At least in a democratic society we are supposed to have many choices; that is what a democracy is all about after all. For some unknown reason, no one has ever approached me to ask my opinions on Roe v Wade. Here they are: Firstly, no man should be a part of the legislative processContinue reading “Choices”

Fringe Bennies

There are benefits that come with good (read: high-paying) jobs. Usually, the higher-paying the job, the better the bennies. Not usually, higher. I was fortunate in my chef career to have befriended and worked for several very rich people. Diamond Danny owned forty-seven restaurants around the globe, and all of them were in coastal communities.Continue reading “Fringe Bennies”


I never liked them and still don’t. I learned my lesson early; or you think I would have learned my lesson when I was four years old. Mom had taken my brother, sister and I to a park in East Los Angeles. My memory has been aided by other accounts, and here is evidently howContinue reading “Bullies”

Turn the Page

Not only a badass Bob Seger song, but a lesson to us all. Turn the page. How long will the politicians continue their ridiculously antiquated us-against-them infantile horseshit? Republicans’ asses are chafed because Obama kicked their asses and now here comes Joltin’ Joe from Kokomo. Democrats are chafed because Trump outmaneuvered and out campaigned themContinue reading “Turn the Page”


You absolutely, positively can’t live without it. There is nothing more valuable. So why the romance in movies with so much bloodshed? You can debate when it all started, but for my generation there was nothing more shockingly violent and bloody than when Director Sam Peckinpah released The Wild Bunch and their wanton ways. ItContinue reading “Blood”

Embarrassing and Economical

The audio book excerpt from my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! this week is for two short-short stories I included under the letter “E.” The first is called Perfect Fit and the other is titled Point of View. I recounted a story of THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME in aContinue reading “Embarrassing and Economical”


Karma, comeuppance, or whatever you want to call it, payback is the dominion of the slighted and wronged. If you are NOT slighted or wronged, any misperceived justice you dispense will just make you the asshole doing the wrong. The following is a true story based on THE MOST EMBARASSING THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TOContinue reading “Payback”