The Grind

I continue with the reading of my book.

As promised, under the letter “F” the first emotion is fearful. Here is the preface followed by the short story Amazon.

AMAZON (fear)

Now starting next Monday since I have run out of original music, I will be playing one of the songs from my previously-posted playlist. I have more original songs such as My Sheets Smell Like Another Man’s Woman and The Heat of the Fire, and there are several songs taken from recording sessions and live gigs but they are all on cassette tapes. I keep threatening to convert them someday.

So I am waking and baking and suddenly I decide on a bowl of Grape-Nuts cereal.

First stroke of genius of the day.



I’m crunching away and all of a sudden the crunching of the cereal nuggets began resounding throughout my gourd. I heard grinding sounds as I crunched my breakfast, my jaws the envy of any cud-chewing bovine creature. The grinding sound now took me to an open-pit copper mine where big rocks were ground into dust at the end of a conveyor belt. The rocks sounded like explosions as they were being effortlessly crushed by the dusty equipment. A wind gust suddenly blew a couple of plumes of dust in the air, looking as if a huge nose had just sneezed. So, I jump onto another huge mining machine which required me to climb thirty-feet up to the cab. I mean this thing was huge. The tires were twenty feet high!

I reached the seat and I hadn’t fully processed and buried the thoughts about the giant sneeze, so my mind wandered and I thought what if this big mining operation is just the giant’s kid playing with his little trucks and digging holes? What if I am inside one of his toys? What if he picks up this truck I am in and throws me around? Can he see me? I wonder if I should try to climb back down?

So I am thinking all this crazy shit and the next thing I know is I am jumping down from the ladder to the ground, but it is not just any ground.


I jumped down on to the back of a gigantic very slow-moving turtle. It was so big and moving so slow, I couldn’t even tell we were moving, as I walked to the edge of its multicolored shell. I have never seen a turtle with such colors. The main shell was a turquoise-agate with golden streaks trimmed in jade. I could see the scenery go by now about one foot every four minutes.

Very trippy.

If that wasn’t trippy enough, I saw what looked like little tassels hanging all around the edge of the shell.

But they weren’t little tassels.

They were little strings from which dangled little, tiny people. The people were teaching their kids how to climb up the little string and I could almost hear the laughter of the children as they each anxiously awaited their turn to climb.

All I could think of was that was some damn good weed.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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