This is one of the easiest blogs to write all year, because I feel like I literally live out the thanks I have. For being born in my family. For travelling around the world and embracing and being embraced by different peoples. For learning that pain is universal and inescapable. For meeting the different markersContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

TV Ads

I am watching a television ad and it is for a vacuum that claims to clean AND pick up invisible dust. Shite, pure and simple. This is a door-to-door salesman’s dream. He will no longer have to soil the carpet to prove anything (not soil the carpet himself, no). One of the tricks in thatContinue reading “TV Ads”

The Best Advice I Never Took

During my infamous hot streak in the casinos of Las Vegas in 1977, I went on an unheard of four month winning streak that defied all odds. I mean I had been hot on a couple of occasions before and I pocketed a few hundred bucks along the way, but this was something altogether different.Continue reading “The Best Advice I Never Took”


     The morning sun peeked over the pink mountains illuminating the entire valley.      It was going to be another scorcher. The Yuki Valley could get that way for about six weeks out of the year, and it was eight days into it. One hundred degrees is hot anyway, but throw in seventy-five percent humidity,Continue reading “Obedience”


The very first thing I notice are a woman’s eyes. I have made no secret of my love of the female form, but those characteristics have to take a backseat to the “windows of the soul.” I believe you can read so much and uncover so much through eyes and facial expressions. Feline. Sexy. TheContinue reading “Lips”

Changes in Latitudes

Great Jimmy Buffet song, but also true. When I think back to all the different latitudes in which I have dwelled or visited, it did seem to matter how far north or south I lived as to what my attitude was. For example, I once visited the Philippines Islands (latitude just north of the equator)Continue reading “Changes in Latitudes”


Where would we be if there was no such thing as ice? Warm beer. (But if you know anything at all about beer, that is a good thing). But no cold lager. Them’s fighting words. Ice storms would just be storms and those old ice skates in your closet would never have been made inContinue reading “Ice”

Panic on the Titanic

I just got finished watching James Cameron’s Titanic for about the 100th time. It never gets old and I find the storyline as captivating as any. But why was there so much panic on the Titanic? I understand concern and worry, but there was no need to panic on the luxury liner. The trio ofContinue reading “Panic on the Titanic”

Watching the Telly

I sat down to watch a show while the Domestic Despot was taking a nap. I’m cruising along watching a streaming channel (Netflix) and I hit the exit button on the remote so I can check out Hulu. But the channel will not let me exit. My wishes are being held hostage until I clickContinue reading “Watching the Telly”

Waiting in Line

Who likes waiting in line? I don’t know why, but I always feel like I lose time waiting in line that I will never get back. Unless you are waiting in line to get into a Guns ‘n Roses concert with Sebastian Bach and Skid Row opening up for them. Then you are guaranteed thatContinue reading “Waiting in Line”