Patience My Ass…I Want To KILL Something!

You can only last so long with patience.

Contrary to what some rare angelic individuals may espouse, patience is NOT an infinite resource.

I know my peeps will probably find it very easy to believe that I have a very limited supply of patience. Coupled with Karen’s seemingly infinite supply of patience AND admonitions, it is an experiment that has lasted thirty-five years this June 21st.

Half of me wants that senile old bastard to get off his ass, deploy the USA badass patrol and take over Russia AND Europe.

Let’s not fuck around.

The other half of me says thank goodness there is a steady voice of reason to guide the country through this conflict without putting our boys on the ground and in direct conflict.

I  just know there has to be something else CNN and FOX News can report about than the war and either how great the Democrats are or how great the Republicans are.

You want consensus?

I’m from East Los Angeles.

Let’s roll.

Can you say Senate Octagon???


“Two men enter, one man leave.”

Nobody has any patience anymore.

Everyone (except me, evidently) is walking around with a short fuse and ready to jump down someone’s throat at any given moment.

This country is fucked up and even after you replace the Biden Administration, it’s going to be fucked up.

It’ll be just a different kind of fucked up is all.

Let’s start by refilling our supply of patience.

But absolutely NOT for the lazy assholes who are taking advantage of the new business dynamic which consists of:

NO customer service.

No human contact.

No refunds.

No phone number.

And if you think that American companies are going to have the stones to do what is right and return to days of excellent customer service, I said American companies.

Gordon Gekko.

Greed is good.

Of course it costs money to staff and train, but why do anything at all you lazy motherfucker? You don’t have to wipe your ass after you squat either, but it is a nice thing to do.

I mean there’s no one in there watching you.

It’s not a rule.

It’s not written down anywhere.

It’s not even a posted house rule.

There’s no law that says you absolutely must wipe your ass and you are human swill if you would not do that minimal indication of civilization..

No one will check (but they will surely smell you).

So companies, as the pandemic recedes and we just begin sessions of putting out small fires as new strains arise, don’t just shortchange the budget to reflect your lack of commitment to your customers because it is the “new dynamic.”

Fuck that.

You go ahead and keep that make-hay-while-the-sun-shines attitude and fuck over your employers and your customers.

Smelly-ass bastards.

Eventually people have their fill and changes often occur.

I can’t think of something low enough to show my distaste.

How about crusty cow snot face?


I hope wherever you are reading this you are safe and happy.

Life is short brothers and sisters.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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