Reputations are fickle things and they can be downright lies, it doesn’t really matter. Reputations are built on belief. Belief in yourself, first and foremost, if you don’t believe, you won’t achieve.

If that is not a Boys Club slogan waiting to happen;

Maddogg did it again.

If enough people believe something, it becomes accepted as a “fact.”

You only have to go to a basic Communications class on VNR’s and “spin.”

Just like the spin we see on different networks.

It doesn’t matter if you see blue ties or red ties, if you remember one simple fact about the media.

Everyone has an agenda.

To make you flashback to ECON 101 and the old TANSTAAFL theory.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Everything comes with a price tag.

Even our leaders.

The currency differs, but the old barter system is still how we continue to do business on a world scale.

Oh yeah, I’m sending another email to Robin Meade asking her to come to see my next booking if she can’t make the first.

I enjoyed the warm letter I received from my first denial, but at least they had the common courtesy to send me a nice letter. Impressive indeed for an organization of that size.

I will keep you posted.

I am this close to finalizing the last verse of I’ve Been Everywhere and it is not worth it. Can’t get the simple strum and all the truck stops out of my gourd.

But if nothing else, I am one stubborn dude, and I will unleash the final product at Wednesday’s Open Mic night.

More balls than brains.

But you can’t live your life in fear, only anticipation.

Like the anticipation of a three-pound Rainbow Trout as it scrutinizes the bright orange salmon roe balls dancing along the bottom of the rocky stream.

Can’t tell I miss trout fishing can you?

Sometimes reputations are just manufactured with no real substance behind them.

I played on a youth basketball team and we were the worst team in the entire league.


I averaged about ten points per game and the entire rest of the team averaged 1 point for a total of eleven points….per game!

We sucked.

We actually made the Summer Playoff Tournament by some crazy default system for choosing the brackets.

We were seeded according to how bad you are, so, it goes without saying, we drew the very best, the number one seeded team in the playoffs. They were a team made up of Prep school kids and had most of the team on track to eventually play basketball at this or that Ivy League school.

We were unimpressed.

Each and every member of our underdog team realized the situation.

We were ready. We understood that with every small detail of any game, if we won the majority of the details and followed through with our sheer will to win, we could send these pussies home.

We knew this team’s weaknesses and we strategized for this game all-year long.

They beat us 84-11.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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