We are obsessed with breaking or setting new records in just about everything. Sports is the obvious choice for records, but we are starting to see the record for stupidest politician being taken from Andrew Johnson, impeached 19th century president. Trump gets the record, and I can’t imagine the American people ever again putting anContinue reading “Records”

Good Karma

Everyone needs it. Karma is tangible to those of us who believe in it. It is inevitable. Putin needs good karma if anyone ever did. He was humiliated to the point of pity at his Big Day celebration of his “swift and efficient” defeat of Ukraine. Except the Ukrainians didn’t get the memo. They didContinue reading “Good Karma”


Reputations are fickle things and they can be downright lies, it doesn’t really matter. Reputations are built on belief. Belief in yourself, first and foremost, if you don’t believe, you won’t achieve. If that is not a Boys Club slogan waiting to happen; Maddogg did it again. If enough people believe something, it becomes acceptedContinue reading “Reputations”

Does a Bear S*** in the Woods?

I think bears are so cool… From a distance. One of the scariest things I have ever seen on the internet was a story showing (supposedly) the last sight a person had who died right after. It showed an angry (of course it would have to be angry wouldn’t it dumbass?) bear ripping open aContinue reading “Does a Bear S*** in the Woods?”


I suppose the correct term is scrolling because that’s what we do on our phones, right? I saw a picture of this twelve-foot long fish swimming right up on a person who was scuba diving. Now I understand that human beings may not be on the menu for many species, but I don’t want toContinue reading “Skimming”


We call different things noodles: An adolescent kid’s under-developed arms. The human head. Brains. Top Ramen. I grew up eating bowls of them chocked full of God-knows-what. Osoba and Yakisoba were staples growing up in Japan and when I say God-knew-what, only he (or she) knew what found their ways into our bowls. Seriously. VariouslyContinue reading “Noodles”


I love the idea of being a farmer; it is a very romantic notion. I can picture myself riding around on horseback over thousands of acres of land as huge steel machines belch smoke and harvest more money, er, crops for me. I can see me sitting on the third-level porch of my mansion, smokingContinue reading “Farms”


So after I decided I wanted to make the move out of my Rocky Boots, chef coat and toque into a real suit and work the front of the house, I worked for a great family country-cooking restaurant chain as an Assistant Manager. I availed myself to travel around the country to help other units.Continue reading “BUSTed”