This is going to sound ridiculous, but I can’t ever remember being affected by inflation in my entire life. When I was growing up overseas, the military took care of everything and I can never remember wanting for anything.

I am sure my parents felt the effects of inflation and applying it to a family of five.

Until I fell heads over heels for the Domestic Despot, I was a real ne’er-do-well when it comes to women. I always had a home base provided by a good person who wanted way more than I was willing to give, but I was always “staying over” with new friends and acquaintances, returning to faithfully contribute my half of the rent one week early every month.

I think living that way helped me become passionate about staying current or ahead of any financial obligations that inevitably arise.

We were not blessed with children.

Not having children allowed us to save the monies and resources needed to raise a family and allow us residual income as we enter our next sphere. It is incredible the constant drain of money, energy, and resources that children represent.

I’d trade early retirement, money, and the ability to enjoy my life on my own terms, if it meant I could still be having to work, racing with the hourglass of my unpredictable health, and fighting like hell to ensure that my kids were doing the very best and enjoying the precious Gift of Life.

I was watching a David Spade comedy show, and he was still OK, with a little luster off the shine of his younger days. He needs to lose the mustache.


His ‘stache is a cross between Mr. Feeney and Zorro.

Speaking of inflation, I am more than willing to go on the record as saying I am FOR breast enlargement. I see absolutely nothing wrong with helping out God on his creation (you). The thing is, if you make the previous statement, you have to also say breast reduction is also good. It just took me twenty-seven minutes to write that last line; sounds like blasphemy. (Karen just called me a pig.)

How about nobody changes anything?

Whatever happened to the concept of playing the cards you were dealt? I was born a male and I cannot imagine being a woman or girl, or anything else. Now I know I am one weird dude, but come on, this is too far out there for me.

People can identify with whatever or whomever they choose. I am surely one of the very last of the Old Guard thinkers, and I will purposely avoid any talk about the role that gender identity plays in organized sports.

I get it.

Inflation applies to each and every female rapper on planet Earth. They are a special lot. They all share one characteristic that differentiates them.

They are Masters of Inflation.

Don’t act like you don’t get it.


Three words for you.

Love them.

Live them.

Brazil Butt Lift.

Enjoy the warming weather as summer seems to be slowly creeping in.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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