The Lebanon Blues Festival

We braved the ominous black clouds that were hovering all day, and were rewarded with some kickass music from a great assortment of musicians including long-time sidekick to Muddy Waters, headliner Bob Margolin.

Piano man Ben Levin boogie-woogied, and flat out tore the top off the valley with his electric fingers.

Diminutive guitar blues wizard Noah Wotherspoon came up for a few songs and if you haven’t heard him, your loss.

Dude is amazing.

The acts before were OK; bigger on showmanship than musicianship, and they were well-received.

We ended up sitting in folding chairs about eight rows back, so we had great views when some gigantic person wasn’t sitting in front of us blocking out all light like a black hole.

No idea why the people are so huge out here in Ohio; maybe all the Chick-fil-a they eat, I don’t know.

Even the kids are huge.

It is probably one of the reasons the Ohio State Buckeyes have such a huge football team and are more than two-touchdown favorites over my beloved Fighting Irish.

Go into any restaurant out here and I guarantee you will get more than enough to eat.

These are the six songs I will need to be prepared to sing for my audition on Friday, the 12th at 7 pm:

Bright Lights Big City – Jimmy Reed

Messin with the Kid – Buddy Guy

Solid Simple Thing – Tab Benoit

Life by the Drop – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Blue Jean Blues – ZZ Top

Roadhouse Blues – The Doors

For those of you who have followed me know that these are totally different songs for Maddogg to learn and perform so I will be holed up in my room all week playing videos, learning and singing songs.

I will nail the audition.

Count on it.

Of course I will keep you posted.

If I get the gig, I told Karen I will have to wear my shades onstage for the blues singer effect.

She just rolled her eyes.

I just might be crazy (ya think?), but I am now trying to do the one thing I did not want to do when I moved out here.

Join a working band.

But Karen is all for it. The first question she had when I told her of the audition, was if we will go on tour?

And she calls me unrealistic.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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