I’m ready as I’ll ever be for my audition tomorrow night. I have the six songs I was sent that the band is using to determine their new lead singer. I have checked out all the videos the band recorded and I even skipped my weekly open mics that I do to practice. I willContinue reading “Anticipation”


As I prepare for my Friday audition with a blues band, I have sequestered myself in my office/practice room. It has been awhile since I actually fronted a band, and at least it is not a high-energy rock and roll quintet (with me), but they do have a couple lively blues jams. We’ll see. SpeakingContinue reading “Practice”

The Lebanon Blues Festival

We braved the ominous black clouds that were hovering all day, and were rewarded with some kickass music from a great assortment of musicians including long-time sidekick to Muddy Waters, headliner Bob Margolin. Piano man Ben Levin boogie-woogied, and flat out tore the top off the valley with his electric fingers. Diminutive guitar blues wizardContinue reading “The Lebanon Blues Festival”


Finally. A subject that, after thirty-five years, I can speak of with a modicum of experience. As I have stated previously, I was the absolute last person on earth who would ever even consider the idea of matrimony. No way. Not for me. Love ‘em and leave ‘em. Although truth be told, it more timesContinue reading “Matrimony”

Must Be Tough Getting Old

I know, we are all getting older by the minute, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it affect your mindset. You don’t have to act old even if you are. By that I mean don’t do all the old stuff people expect old people to do. Stop going out to eat dinner atContinue reading “Must Be Tough Getting Old”