Here are some pictures displaying my optimism for the opening match for my Manchester United Reds. You will see a considerable “before and after” effect.

I don’t like the new manager (Erik (“cue ball, side pocket”) Ten Hag.

I think he is arrogant and reminds me of past United managers that just didn’t fit with us. Louis van Gaal comes to mind. Also, the eighth elf, Ole Gunna Solskjaer, who was just plain over his head in the role of manager.

To prove whatever stupid point he wanted to make, Ten Hag starts the game without arguably, one of the premier weapons in all of English football on the pitch.


He succumbed and sent Ronaldo in at around the fifty-three minute mark, but there was no semblance of any type of chemistry to the listless attack, and the Reds lost 2-1 to yet another inferior opponent.

Here are my thoughts:

Manchester United was Danny Welbeck’s bitch. He did whatever he wanted, and when he was in possession, we had no answer for his skills, partly honed when he was a wunderkind at Man Utd.

Harry Maguire is still a slow-footed fullback.

Dalot looked as if his boots were dipped in cement and allowed to harden.

Fred is still the mediocre player he was last year.

I still don’t see it from Sancho. Despite the hype and large fee, he hasn’t shown me squat.

If Scott McTominay is your answer for midfield, it’s over already.

All that is left is to lower expectations once again, something that past generations of United supporters never did. First, it was win the Premier League title, then it was lowered to making the top four so that you qualify for Champions League, then it was at LEAST make the top six so that you could qualify for the lower-tier international competition, the Europa Cup.

What’s next?

I hope we make the top half of the table?

Sir Alec Ferguson is rolling in his grave, and he isn’t even dead yet!

Lowering expectations.

How low is the bar being set in the state of Florida for education?

How about lowering the requirement for average students to become average teachers, producing generations of average students and lowering our collective IQ back to Stone Age levels? If you sport a 2.5 Grade Point Average, you can qualify. Hell, you don’t even need a 3.0 to go to Grad school anymore.

We are becoming the same dumbasses we hate.

America the pitiful.

Because no one wants to eat shit and be abused for a ridiculously-low wage, not to mention, not actually knowing if you will return to your home at your day’s end or whether you will be killed to death, cowering behind a small wooden desk with the lifeless bodies of small children littering the room.

Help will be outside in the hall, awaiting orders.

Just pray you are not in Uvalde, Texas.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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