As I prepare for my Friday audition with a blues band, I have sequestered myself in my office/practice room. It has been awhile since I actually fronted a band, and at least it is not a high-energy rock and roll quintet (with me), but they do have a couple lively blues jams.

We’ll see.

Speaking of practice, I have to practice my mic hand moves. I am sure there are a lot of people who think that is a ridiculous, but ask any singer, or public speaker, for that matter. It makes it a little easier when you have accomplished players behind you, as there are plenty of opportunities for highlight solos, but most of the time, all eyes are on the lead singer.

I keep playing the YouTube videos and looking along with the lyrics on my computer, and I remember when, if you wanted to learn new songs, you had to buy the sheet music.

Once I get the gig, I will post the info on our website addy, so you can check us out.

Back to the computer.

Back again.

NOT like many teachers, who are leaving the profession in droves. I mentioned the lower and still-lowering standards for teachers. Florida is so hard up, I could probably go teach management with my Master’s degree.

Big trouble.

I need for this sore on my leg to heal by Friday, because I will not be sitting down in my audition.

I will bring soul to this group; just hope we’re a good fit.

If not, I will go back to my fun little solo gigs for a while. Speaking of which, I have a repeat show at the SycamoreSprings Nursing Home and the very personable Mr. Stanford Coleman.

I also have my last scheduled solo gig on the 26th.

Depending on the outcome of my audition, it might be my last one for a minute or two.

I know I swore I was done with the fighting and in-fighting of a working band with no direction, and I still feel the same way, so if I sense any tenseness at all in the studio, I am out. I want someone directing the music, not everybody chirping in and slowing down the session. I will have to infuse some type of animation into this great assortment of players, so Friday it is.

They gave me a list of six songs for the audition, and I learned, and am ready to perform, any and all of them.

It is showing like rain outside, but so far, it has remained dry.

I’m sure the amount we do get is nothing like the horrific floods elsewhere in the country, especially our neighbors to the south, Kentucky.

Why do you need practice for an active shooter situation.

You either possess the necessary equipment (courage) or you do not.

No gray area.

How heartbreaking the reply from the child in Uvalde, Texas to his father trying to reassure him of extra safety measures taken, including extra police officers.

“What good would that do? They won’t do anything.”

Wonderful world we live in.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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