Help Us Name Our Band

At sixty-eight years young, I have accepted the job as lead singer of a working blues band.

Five pieces.

Drums. Badass experienced drummer.

Rhythm guitar. Bodybuilder and nice guy. I don’t think anyone will want to fuck with our equipment with him onstage. He’s also a really cool dude.

The lead guitar player is one of those rare musicians that you feel privileged to listen to when you are in a band practice.

Darryl is the bass player, again, an older experienced player who picks things up on the fly. He is one of the guys who first approached me to audition.

And now you add Maddogg to the mix.

Next thing is to name our band. None of us had much of anything, but I thought Ballbusters, but that probably won’t fly.

How about sending me some names for our band?

I’ll run them past the guys and see what they think.

Now we have to build a playlist. I say that we played 7 songs in their entirety tonight, and it was only our first meeting.

Before I left and after they discussed it, they welcomed me into the as-yet unnamed band.

Supposedly the rhythm guitar player has connections to get us paying gigs, and I am fearless in approaching club owners when I know I have a bomb product to offer.

After I was in, I told the players that I didn’t want to be a good band. From our seven songs together, we are already a good band.

That’s not worth my time and energy.

I want people to say “Wow!”

I am bringing a lot of black to this band.

Crazy thing to say, but I am sure somewhere deep within me there is a black soul singer trying to escape. I have fronted rock bands, country bands, and now a blues band.

We totally crushed ZZ Top’s blues classic Blue Jeans Blues.

As soon as we get our website together, believe me, I’ll be asking you to check out our music.

The drummer initially had reservations about me as he let me know they wanted to get a harder rocking sound.

I had them do Roadhouse Blues and that was good enough for him.

I had won the room.

One week break while we start up and then we will need to build a new playlist, rehearse, and tighten up the loose ends.

Can’t wait to get people up out of their seats and dancing their asses off.

I am struggling a little bit, trying to put in some kind of movements, which I can’t control when the bass is thumping, the drums are pounding, and the lead guitar is wailing. My little booty, once round, firm, and bulbous, now shakes on its own when I’m playing music.

I really hope I don’t fall down onstage.

That would suck.

But I am not gonna sit in my Laz-E-Boy either, wishing I was onstage.

I’ve been practicing standing up and so far, holding onto the mike stand seems to work best for now.

I might, at bare minimum, be able to sway back and forth, which was Axl Rose’s ONLY dance move.

Sway left.

Sway right.

But one of the best rock voices ever.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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