I’m ready as I’ll ever be for my audition tomorrow night. I have the six songs I was sent that the band is using to determine their new lead singer. I have checked out all the videos the band recorded and I even skipped my weekly open mics that I do to practice.

I will tell you that I will be more than a little disappointed if I don’t get the gig. I am starting to accept getting into one last band and since they record a lot of their practices, I figure they will record my audition, so I will make sure you see it.

I’ve been trying to stress my leg so it will stand up to six to eight song sets. I won’t be sitting down on the job with the band. I could get away with it in my country solo gigs and my charity nursing home gigs, but no way with a hot blues band.

I predict we will get a paying gig before August is over.

It is the same anticipation I had when I was seven and my Pop Warner football team was playing in the championship game the next day.

I was so excited, I slept in my entire football uniform including my cleats, pads, and helmet. I am sure I dreamed about playing the big game (which we would lose on a heartbreaking errant interception for a touchdown by our lame-ass quarterback) and impressing the young girls.

I had mad anticipation the night before I got married. I actually wanted that day and night to hurry up so I could hold my girl forever.

I was crazy with anticipation when I went on my first real date.

I always had great anticipation for my chess matches with my late stepfather. He was a very stoic, learned military man, who was quiet and calculating where I am the flash-in-the-pan. His moves were studied carefully, exactingly, and as soon as he finally lifted his finger off the piece, I would immediately make my next move within a second or two.

That used to drive him nuts.

I would get the inevitable lecture on the flow of the game, the importance of a well-thought out plan, and the strategies played throughout history.

I would listen, nod in agreement, and affirm my Pop’s pearls of wisdom.

Then I would make my next move in a second or two.

It was with great anticipation I felt at my very first rock concert. The year was 1969 and the band was Spirit. I also took my first hit off a joint that started me on a fifty-three year streak.

It was with great anticipation I stood in court awaiting a penalty for my third DUI in four weeks.

The arresting officer never showed.

After my audition, I will post the following day (Saturday morning) and let you know how it went.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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