Enough Already

I am sure you already know what I am going to say next…

I say enough to these stories that people post on Facebook that show a cat, dumped by the side of the road by some asshole who has forfeited their eternal soul, but are too fucking stupid to even realize it.

But the story doesn’t say that.

 It might sound something like, “Thomas, a mixed-breed cat, grew up on a small farm in the hills of southern Ohio, dreaming of a day he could feel the warm soft sand on the shores of the Caribbean”….


It’s a cat that got dumped on the side of the road.

By some asshole.

Print it.

The Domestic Despot and I were going to hit the FunkFest up in Dayton, but it doesn’t start until tomorrow.

So it looks like BoomerFest. If that doesn’t pan out, then our destination will be PotatoFest at the Dayton Courthouse, and if all else fails, there is a BaconFest going on.

I wonder what they are serving there?

I am also declaring enough already on the lack of pride and effort from my lowly Manchester United.

I don’t like their arrogant coach, for starters.

He’s won three titles.

Big deal.

In the Dutch League.

I have won as many Premier League titles as he has.

He blames most of his woes on a lack of transfer players to restock and reshape his vision of the Reds. If so, I did not hear him pressing ownership publicly or vociferously, before all the other clubs got the spoils, which, of course, they did. Now we are even further away from being a winning team of any substantiveness.

Enough of the excuses.

Their former coach got more out of his players than Ten Hag.


We won some big games under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with basically, the same squad. Enough of people trying to retard the progress of our species by teaching their progeny to hate.

Hate is a learned behaviour, you do not come out of the womb into this world hating anything.

Unless you’re a Notre Dame fan.

Then you are born hating USC.


My beloved niece is a graduate of that fine institution, and I miss the close rivalries of the past. Now, it is looking like USC will be back to the big stage, where they used to be a perennial power.

Our politicians, on BOTH sides of the aisle, need to stop the in-fighting before they can have a glimmer of a hope to accomplish anything meaningful for We, The People.

Remember us?

We are the ones that you have tried taxing, inflating, and otherwise fucking up our lives, and you are seriously thinking of running for a second term?

Listen, Big Dogg Jo-Jo, I respect you dude, and I get that you were dropped into a no-win situation, but seriously, haven’t you had enough, too?

The Republicans will find their own ways to continue this dance macabre of getting our hopes up for a brighter tomorrow, only to have our dreams crushed and defecated on.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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