School Dayz

Man. I don’t know how parents do it.

Every day they send their kids to school not knowing if they will be coming home in one piece.

I actually wrote this shorty BEFORE Columbine.

Little did I know….

Attention to Detail

                   They finally did it. We asked them to stop, but they had to keep fucking with us. The world needs less evil…….

0458 hrs:     Steven and Robbie woke up simultaneously, one on top of the other, two minutes before the alarm buzzer intruded. Robbie reached over and ended the threat.

0515 hrs:     Robbie performs his wifely duties in the shower for Steven in preparation for the Big Day.

0535 hrs:     Robbie makes breakfast. Not a word is spoken. Breakfast consumed.

0620 hrs:     Weapons check:

  • Two Mauser short-stock sniper rifles. Built for mobility and extremely powerful with laser scope. Three hundred rounds of ammunition. Check.
  • Remington sawed-off .12 gauge shotgun. Scatter-shot and low gauge to ensure maximum collateral damage. Two boxes shells. Check.
  •  Two modified M-14 sniper rifles. One hundred shells. Deadly accurate and perfect for picking off assholes Steven thought to himself. Check.
  • Eight chemical hand grenades. Check.
  • Eight fragmentation grenades designed for 360-degree shrapnel radius. Check.
  • Two Smith & Wesson .38 caliber pistols. One cox of .38 caliber hollow-point bullets. Check.

Everything was packed into two military issued combat duffels, large enough to carry a .50 cal and twenty clips. Robbie winked at Steven.

0700 hrs:     The boys load up their car, a 1956 Hearse they bought two weeks ago with the last of their school trust funds. 

0721 hrs:     Hearse pulls onto school service road after Stephen uses bolt cutters to snap the lock.

0725 hrs:     Circular glass cutting tool allows access through Science Lab window.

                   Robbie drops the duffel bags onto the floor, climbs through and reaches for Stephen’s outstretched hand.

“Thanks honey”, Stephen coos.

0730 hrs:     First school bus arrives. Robbie rose and handed Stephen his duffel. Like clockwork, practiced time and again, the boys tucked the .38’s in their belts in unison.

                   “It’s time,” Stephen says, straightening Robbie’s collar and adjusting his fragmentation grenade belt.

0733 hrs.     The cafeteria is filled to capacity for the breakfast hour. 250 students.

0734 hrs:     As scripted and planned out a hundred times, the boys burst through the doors screaming “This is for YOU fuckheads!”

0735 hrs:     Death toll 201

0755 hrs:     As all hell breaks loose, Stephen turns to Robbie, mouthing the words “I love you.” The boys raise the pistols to their temples and pull their triggers one last time.


Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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