The Hunt for Red October

A great read by Tom Clancy and so technical that I feel he explains it well enough that I could pull a five-hundred foot long nuclear attack submarine out of dock and head to open sea. Just like in the movie, the Russians have lost a huge nuclear submarine. The headline said they lost it,Continue reading “The Hunt for Red October”

I Thought I Heard it All

Keystone. Car 54 Where are you? Uvalde. The police shot and killed a double amputee. Not the athletic, mobile type running on two prosthetic limbs. No. Stumps. He was trying to run away on his stumps. They caught him by walking. He did, however, have a butcher knife he was wielding, so, according to theContinue reading “I Thought I Heard it All”

Second Chances

Not everybody deserves them. Murderers should die the same way they killed. Thieves should have to pay back ten times what they stole at whatever rate they pay working prisoners per license plate, or whatever. If it starts to take ten years prison time to start paying back small fines, criminals may think twice. NoContinue reading “Second Chances”

Did I Hear That Right?

The Memphis Police Department, embroiled in the murder of one of its citizens they took an oath to serve and protect, has decided they will simply stop racial profiling. Simple. Who knew it would be that easy? Saying they will stop racial profiling is the same as making a recipe for a cake that requiresContinue reading “Did I Hear That Right?”

Tyre Nichols

By now, the whole world has seen the disgusting video of the beating, er murder, of another innocent black man at the hands of a lynch mob disguised as police officers in the city of Memphis, TN. Man’s inhumanity to man. Not black v. white; no, black on black. Go figure. Like black men don’tContinue reading “Tyre Nichols”


Everywhere you look…problems. Here’s a few solutions… “I kill people everywhere I go,” says a madman arrested for murders in Ohio and New Mexico. That’s a problem. Solution: don’t let him go anywhere. Put him in a prison camp and throw away the key. Better yet… Kids are getting killed in our schools… That’s aContinue reading “Solutions”

I Know I Shouldn’t

I know better. But I can’t stop a smile from taking over my face when I hear of an  armed criminal being terminated by an honest citizen who lawfully stopped anyone else (aka non-criminals) from being harmed at the gas station and should get a raise as far as I am concerned.. The world isContinue reading “I Know I Shouldn’t”

Just Let Go

Brilliance comes in many forms… As a perk for General Managers, a four-day all-expenses resort stay on the Emerald Coast in Florida. One of the activities was deep-sea fishing. Some deep-sea fisherman hooked a large fish, presumably an Ahi Tuna which can grow up to eight feet and 200 pounds. When I told the DomesticContinue reading “Just Let Go”


This will probably be the fastest blog I will ever type since I am so passionate about the subject. What the fuck is wrong with people? I have bragged about how nice the people out here are, and just when its safe to go into the water, an idiot has damned her soul to aContinue reading “Abandonment”


Now that all ECON majors have joined the party, this has absolutely nothing to do with economics. However, if you are a good economics student, a true believer, you will come right back and tell me that everything has to do with economics. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch is simply theContinue reading “TANSTAAFL”