Go Ask Alice

An electric passenger plane?

Very cool.

 The Israeli-based company that made it has made aviation history. When you think of all the rich assholes who use private planes for meaningless short trips just because they can, this will at least reduce the cost-per-asshole quotient.

Alice is her name.

The latest greedy bastards to try and sow their seeds of avarice (in outer space, no less) are the Texas-based company Firefly. They successfully launched a rocket into space.

Big fucking deal.

Anyone can do it.

Just get on the internet.

Just how full of shit is Elon Musk?

He has seen the movie I, Robot one too many times to think he can mass-produce robots and sell them to the gullible planet on which we sit. His display of his robot prototype was a joke.

The mechanical boob performed very limited movements compared to what Gene Wilder’s monster learned. Hell, he could sing, dance, and I think Peter Boyle might have even been nominated for an Academy Award.

Back to reality, which sucks, actually.

It would have sucked to be at the Indonesian soccer match that saw over 125 killed, many crushed in the stampede of people trying to get out of the same exit.

This kind of story scares the hell out of me, because, with my prosthetic leg, I would definitely be at risk of being crushed, but I will tell you one thing: my good leg would be lashing out and kicking wildly before I went down for the final count.

When Karen and I went to the recent Hank Williams Jr. concert, one of the very first things I did was map out our emergency exit in the case of sudden gunfire.

We never had to do that ever before.

And it sucks.

Yet another thing that parents have to worry about as they try to raise a family in a country gone mad.

When was the last movie that I really wanted to see?

It has been too many years.

I am not a Marvel fan, so there goes half the movies right off the top.

I have no idea who the new wave of actors are, and the last actor that really blew my dress up was Jennifer Lawrence, and that’s been several years.

I ate breakfast this morning and I wanted to test my theory of why everyone out here is so big.

Tall, thick, hell even the kids are large.

Two words for you.

Portion control.

There is none of that silly notion to be found in any of the eating establishments in this state.

The side of hash browns I was served was probably over 16 oz. The chicken fried steak I had was the size of a manhole cover. Although the menu description said four eggs, I asked the battle-worn waitress to only serve me two eggs.

I got four.


Breakfast is hard enough to make money on, so you need to do volume to make it profitable.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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