Words You Can’t Take Back

Any promise you make.

“I do.”

Basically, anything that comes out of your yap is a representation of sorts, of your make-up, your center.


Politicians live and die by words they say.

Nothing is hidden.

When a politician is exposed, they are forever branded as the lying assholes that we always knew they were in the first place.

Ask the ex-governor of New York. My little dog Murphy is licking his butt and he has a better chance of winning an election for governor against Andrew Cuomo.


Not Murphy.

Sworn to an oath to serve the people of the great state of New York, blah, blah, blah.

If you throw someone out of your house, you can’t take that back.

Very uncomfortable at the least.
The one time I felt I had to do it, I conveniently made my personage unavailable for any agent to reach me.

I hid like a little bitch.

If you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you really can’t take them back.



Move on.

There are so many wonderful people out there and I have enjoyed meeting and greeting them wherever I am.

Now, this will not sound particularly endearing to some, but in my youth, I would always have a beautiful trophy girlfriend as my steady.

And then, I realized early on, I could partake of the other good-looking girls in school that resented my girlfriends and wanted to get back at them.

I encouraged that line of thought.

You can’t take back a Declaration of War, but I bet that little son-of-a-bitch BabyHead Putin sure wishes he could at least get a do-over.

Not gonna happen.

You, your inept army, and quite possibly, the worst tactical blunders of all-time in military annals, have exposed you as the idiots we knew you were. Now we don’t have to do shit.

We’ll let little Ukraine kick your ass.

We’ll waltz right in to Moscow and raise Old Glory.

Damn this weed is good.

Words you really can’t take back, but are rescinded every day as athletes, denying they are aging, try to squeeze yet another season out of their broken bodies.

I used to think What the fuck? All these millions and these guys have to work? What the fuck did they do with all their money?

None of my fucking business, that’s what.

And with the crazy sums of money available to top stars, one season is still ten times more than most people will earn in a lifetime.

One year.

Think of working your entire life, and they get paid for one year.

And retire like kings.

How about teachers?

No, they don’t need more money.

All they do is mold our children into the next generation of leaders. They instill values they do not get at home, or anywhere else. Good teachers need to be retained with whatever they require.

You want better leaders?

Take care of the teachers.

The teacher transitions the children into young adulthood and keeps them eager to achieve and more importantly, lead.

I mean, come on kids.

Study hard.

We definitely need you to fix things.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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