The Language of Love

Parlez-vous? Nope, not French. German? Too much spitting going on. Italian? My Italian is a little rusty, but it is good enough to know that Papadia translates to day-old pizza, folded in half, and resold in a vain effort to squeeze one more cent or two of profit in a business that has a higherContinue reading “The Language of Love”

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Evidently Mr. Penis-envy Ron DiSantis is whipping it out to see how he measures up against Disney and they have responded with lawsuits galore against the Communist state of Florida. I said it awhile back, but Florida can’t afford to get into a pissing match with Disney; it was also me who suggested that oneContinue reading “Mine’s Bigger Than Yours”

Check out my New Song

This is called Lovers and Players and it was just a fun bouncy melody that came to me playing the Bm chord and following it from there. Sometimes when you are putting together a song, you start with a fun melody and build on it. That’s what I did. The boys and I are takingContinue reading “Check out my New Song”

A Whole Other World

I learned early. I am six years-old on the back of my brother’s Honda Cub and we are winding through narrow Japanese dirt streets lined with vendors of all types: Household goods. Meat. Fish. Electronics (such as they were in 1960 Japan). Restaurants. Brothels. Yep, right there next to the tent that was selling frozenContinue reading “A Whole Other World”

You Don’t Say…

Evidently, some Harvard-educated expert has three words to say to someone who is rude for you. So do I. And they start with “kiss” and end with “my ass!” Duh. So a story about a woman who only spent twenty bucks for a dress that she wore to several weddings that had everyone talking. Yeah,Continue reading “You Don’t Say…”

Once Again I Was Right

Too much, too soon. America, in it’s zeal to stand up on a soap box, beat its chest, and proclaim: “We are inclusive, open-minded, and the United States of America embraces everyone and everything under the sun,” blah, blah, blah… Really? With identity such a hot topic, I hear hate speech every day it seems.Continue reading “Once Again I Was Right”


Mr. I-am-sending-a rocket-into-space-just-because-I-can Elon Musk once again looked like a horse’s ass when his much-ballyhooed marvel of technology blew up minutes after being launched out into the mist. His Starship, er, Sinkship is being fished out of the Atlantic Ocean. People are wondering “why isn’t NASA doing these space forays? Why is a private companyContinue reading “OOPS!”

Post #800!

I woke up this morning with the worst throat cold ever, but I couldn’t blow off practice, so I showed up anyway. Just my (our) luck. I have been madly, vainly, searching for a drummer to hook up with us and complete the band. So not one, or two, but three potential drummer-bandmates have askedContinue reading “Post #800!”


Don’t do it. Boom! I solved that one, now moving on… We are taught never to quit when we are growing up. “Finish what you started,” man, there are a hundred quotes all urging us to never quit. What if you are doing something bad? Quitting, in my childhood, wasn’t even on the options list.Continue reading “Quitting”

My Take

I know Karen will give me a big load of crap for this, but if you ignore the stupidity, if you can look past the racism, if you can see beyond the lies, Lauren Boebert has a pretty nice body. I think she is a one-term dumbass. But she does have a pretty nice body.Continue reading “My Take”