Can’t Do It

Nope. The only Queen I have known in my lifetime called her “Queen Consort” and that’s what she shall remain. Relax. She will not succeed the King were he to expire. Charles’ progeny will continue the lineage Oh, I’m sure I will hear it about this, but you know me. British women, on the whole,Continue reading “Can’t Do It”


The nerve of those assholes… Have you ever spoken to a human being who works for them? Of course not. There are no people in the company, only bots, whatever the hell they are, that offer series of programmed questions which brings up another subset, and another, so on. You get the picture They runContinue reading “I HATE GOOGLE!”

The Way I See It

I saw a story about the things you need to be doing to improve your short and long term memory and I guess my own personal recipe differs somewhat. The first thing they offer is chunking, or basically attaching significance to small groups of information to use as building blocks. The first thing I offerContinue reading “The Way I See It”


Mr. I-am-sending-a rocket-into-space-just-because-I-can Elon Musk once again looked like a horse’s ass when his much-ballyhooed marvel of technology blew up minutes after being launched out into the mist. His Starship, er, Sinkship is being fished out of the Atlantic Ocean. People are wondering “why isn’t NASA doing these space forays? Why is a private companyContinue reading “OOPS!”

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

A former president of the United States being charged and indicted for a series of crimes he was found guilty for. It might just be me, but I can’t help but feel that his candidacy for president is lacking the mad approval ratings and popular groundswell he enjoyed in 2016. That, and the fact thereContinue reading “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

My Take

I know Karen will give me a big load of crap for this, but if you ignore the stupidity, if you can look past the racism, if you can see beyond the lies, Lauren Boebert has a pretty nice body. I think she is a one-term dumbass. But she does have a pretty nice body.Continue reading “My Take”

Big Things

I was expecting big things from a girl I met at a rodeo, of all places. Evidently it was a big deal with the professional cowboys and bronc-busters, and I am sure I looked ridiculous with my Stetson hat and jeans and tennis shoes. Not exactly standard rodeo garb, but let me tell you theContinue reading “Big Things”

I Was a Stripper

          True story.           After I left school and travelled all over this beautiful country of ours, I met up with a scotch-soaked bar room queen in Tulsa. Not exactly a Rolling Stones song, but oh, so close.           Shady was her name, but her given name was Shadelle La Fontaine Pemberton.           She wasContinue reading “I Was a Stripper”

In The Doghouse (again)

It doesn’t happen quite as much anymore, but I still find myself undergoing the silent treatment and the slow burn, even after I wisely, preemptively, apologize. I don’t take nearly as long as I used to delivering my mea culpa. That’s just wasted time. When I am wrong, I’m wrong. It only took most ofContinue reading “In The Doghouse (again)”

Who is to Blame?

Give people the slightest semblance of a reason and they will gleefully seek out and even more gleefully assign blame whenever they can. Where does the “blame chain” end? Good luck trying to tag any politician; unless you lie for a living, too, you are already behind the curve. The economy? Oh, this president isContinue reading “Who is to Blame?”