What’s Next and Yet Another Letter to Robin Meade

If you have checked out more than a few of my blogs, you will know that before every gig I play, and I seriously mean every single gig I play, even the charity shows, I have sent an email to Robin Meade, the ageless Ohio newscaster in the morning on HLN, inviting her to show up. It started back in Arizona where I had a steady thing at a bar very close to the Arizona Cardinals Stadium. I played happy hours 5-7 every day of the week. I write about this place in my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!

It has picked up speed since we now live closer to her, so I told Karen that “Robin’s people and I are in touch,” meaning that I got a standard rejection letter from the network.

Karen said she probably thinks I’m a stalker.

Not the epitaph I was going for.

For the very first Thanksgiving in all my years of existence, I did not overeat.

I know, huh?

I ate just enough that I am now hungry and since we were invited over, we have no leftovers.

Boo hoo.

Cereal time.

The Domestic Despot won’t let me keep any of the kind of cereals that I like, oh hell, no.

No Cap’n Crunch (of any flavor).

No Coco Puffs.

No Coco Krispies.

No Fruit Loops.

Or my very favorite, Lucky Charms.

I can remember back when they only had a handful of different shapes of marshmallows. Now, green, purple and even blue marshmallows dot the bowl. I don’t like the marshmallows when they are crunchy; it is my expert opinion that the marshmallows are best if you open the box and the wax bag inside, and let them sit for a few days. Then the marshmallows get stale and pliable, which is yummy. Or, the other method according to MD, is to let the marshmallows soak in milk until they are soft, pillowy, and rehydrated.

If it doesn’t say Kashi on the box or unless it looks like something a horse would pull from a bale of hay, then Maddogg can’t have it.

But my soulmate just wants to keep me around longer.

To torment me.

I’m stoked for my gig tomorrow night at The Lucky Star Brewery in Miamisburg. The vibe there is so chill and the people (and the Mexican food) are the best! And I’m not just saying that because I’m playing there.

Of course, before starting, I will scan the crowd to see if my 60th request has borne fruit and Robin Meade decided to show up.

Stranger things have happened.

But not much stranger.

My dogs, Bruiser Corleone Diaz and Murphy Corleone Diaz, are starting to feel the cold; they know they aren’t in Arizona anymore. I can tell when they start snuggling up to me at night.

I’m like the Human Furnace and they can only stand short periods of time before jumping down to the cool wooden floor below.

Hope you had a great day yesterday!

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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