Maddogg Night at the Lucky Star Brewery

I’m a bit late posting, which I really like to do by 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST).

However, by the time I said goodbye to the great people at the ‘Star and loaded my guitar and a few books and T-shirts I still have left, I got home and got stoned, of course, then I showered and got stoned, then I played a few holes of my online golf game, which I am addicted to, or so says the Domestic Despot. Then I got stoned again.

I did get a couple books out to new friends who stopped in.

The patrons were very generous, putting several bills in my donation box.

So cool.

I am looking forward to the three remaining Christmas shows I have booked, so I will be taking up a nice little Christmas sum for the no-kill Humane Society of Greater Dayton which I proudly represent.

I also proudly represent the southern Miami valley and its awesome people.

I was able to recruit another person to check out this blog, so I hope she does.

I played well, and I even stood up on my own two feet and played and sang about five songs before I tired and sat back down for the rest of the night.

But I did it

And for just about five songs’ length, I stood, and with my sweats covering up my prosthetic leg, I actually felt kind of normal.

I was no longer Mark, the amputee, unable to do more than sit and play and sing sitting down.

Oh, hell no.

I was Maddogg standing on one human foot and one plastic facsimile of a foot. Just a little unstable, but I did it.

Now I know what Pinocchio was thinking.

The pretty young bartender (I know I call everybody young, but I am talking college-aged) was celebrating her birthday, and for just one second, Maddogg’s dirty mind started tugging on him and the little devil on my left shoulder was kicking the shit out of the little angel on my right shoulder.


She is young, and even if I wasn’t married, I would be her grandfather.


She’d kill me.

But Karen would have already done that.

Even if I wasn’t married to her.



“Just try it and see,” was the best I could get out of her.

Mad love to my brother-in-law ADOGG and his brother, the irascible Ronny, for stopping in. They stayed for several hours. Their bluegrass band Kin is kickass.

I also got several copies of my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! which I gave away through a few music trivia games which were a lot of fun.

Not sure when I will play again; I’m not actively seeking out gigs as Christmas is nigh. I will be learning more Christmas songs for our 12/7 gig which is just around the corner.

I was able to secure local singer/songwriter/performer Heath Bowling to help us and I have mad respect and mad love for him for taking time from his busy schedule to help me.

Check out the pictures that Karen got from tonight:

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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