What am I Thankful For?

Let’s start by beating the same old drums like Keith Moon pounded his Ludwigs.


Educators: Pay them.

Healthcare workers: Pay them.

Stop here for a second. One group ensures there IS a future for us to enjoy, and the other group does their best to prolong our existence here. If those aren’t things we should all be thankful for, I give up.

I’m thankful for American families keeping their families close. Perhaps that is one silver lining so to speak, that emerged as a result of the global pandemic and its effect on both teachers and learners as many parents assumed new roles in their children’s education.

I don’t even have kids (not for a lack of trying) and I would volunteer to teach little kids because I don’t want a whole new generation (or two) of little dumbasses growing up to be big dumbasses.

There are some that posit the deleterious effects of the pandemic have retarded the academic growth of our nation’s students. That the whole transition from in-classroom study plans, to learning at home, has set back education, or so some would have you believe.

Maddogg says:


We are America and these are American students we are talking about. We see their normal educational progression interrupted as a negative, but all this tumult and transition is acting as a positive as these students are able to change and adjust and adapt and adjust back again.

It made them tougher.

They will be better leaders for it.

With our current political world looking and smelling like a Port-a-Potty (hello Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kari Lake), future leaders will have learned from history, or at least that is The Great Hope.

But we don’t.

They won’t either.

The Human Condition.

I am thankful for people who take plenty of food at an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I revel when they eat every single bite of it, dabbing their last piece of bread in the final spot of gravy on the plate.

I eat so little anymore, I would be their ideal customer.

I am thankful for leaders in the world like the comic-turned-President Zelensky in the Ukraine. Just think how that whole thing would have played out with a different person in charge?

I would definitely smoke a bowl with him.

I am thankful for all the good police officers who face ridicule, scorn, and abuse every single day they report to work.

And then they leave the station house.

To worse, and oh yeah, throw in the possibility of being killed.

The truth is, in spite of all the sensational stories, and please don’t get me wrong; the death of ANY child ANYWHERE is a loss for all of us, the truth is there are way more police officers that will respond correctly in a life-or-death situation than we have observed in recent months and years.

Be thankful for them.

Be thankful we live in a country that was strong enough to stand up to a serious attempt to end our democracy.

Both sides lost.

If the January 6th rioters think our country is so bad, try pulling that shit in Russia or North Korea.

I didn’t think so.

Stay Thankful.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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