Selling the House Day 1

We interviewed two realtors today. The first young woman we spoke with is going to be tough to beat. She was smart, efficient and ready for any questions of which I had several. Now I knew the housing market was strong, but to say the current climate is beneficial for sellers is the understatement of the year. All the normal rules do not apply in the current Arizona housing market. We were prepared to put some money into upgrading the house, but even that is wasted time and money and won’t really affect the price. It is too tempting to pass up, so we have moved our time frame up to sell the house and possibly leave Arizona as early as the end of July. If the market is crazy wherever we end up, if need be, I won’t mind sitting out and renting or leasing until the market stabilizes.

I told Domestic Despot Osama bin KAREN that with the profit we earn, I will be taking a little decompress “me” time for a month or so and then I promise to return for her.

She told me “any me time you want must include me.”

Evidently she just doesn’t get it.

So, as we prepare for our second realtor to arrive, we get pictures from the day care provider of Bruiser and Murphy and evidently they are not being puppies non grata so that is good. We got the day care service through

The second appointment arrives right at the appointed hour and she was more personable than the first, but neither Karen nor I got the “killer instinct” vibe I am looking for. She had less than half as much experience selling homes, and her recommended listing price seemed low comparatively and not positioned for the market and how quickly homes which are listed are being swamped with offers.

To me, it seems very simple.

The higher the price the house fetches on the market, the more money the realtor makes.


I want one of my remaining 3 agents to tell me “I will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING legal to get the highest price for your house.”

That’s all I want to hear.

Another surprising development in this hot market are waivers being given for appraisals and very liberal interpretations of what needs to be done to the house. I am confident we won’t have a lengthy list of things to address because it is only the two of us living here. We have had very few guests over the years, so the house hasn’t been lived in very hard.

Does that make sense? Because it doesn’t to me and I’m stoned. For that, feel free to blame old school Thai Stick. It has been awhile.

So, long story short, we have some things to get out of the way first such as trips to Prescott while they are conducting the Open House showings, and then another out to the west coast to see my family.

I’ll keep you posted.

Stay well.

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