Maddogg is a Marketing Genius

(blush) I guess it’s not the same effect if I make the statement myself. I have been killing myself for the past three weeks practicing the Johnny Cash classic “I’ve Been Everywhere.” Believe me when I say that I have had enough of the song, Karen, Bruiser, and Murphy have had their fill of theContinue reading “Maddogg is a Marketing Genius”


Because I have travelled extensively in my life, occasionally I will have someone ask me what is the prettiest place I have ever been? I honestly have so many that I will just name a few: I was in a ski lift coming down a mountain in Breckenridge, Colorado, when the sun sent its lastContinue reading “Snapshots”


This is going to sound ridiculous, but I can’t ever remember being affected by inflation in my entire life. When I was growing up overseas, the military took care of everything and I can never remember wanting for anything. I am sure my parents felt the effects of inflation and applying it to a familyContinue reading “Inflation”

Mr. 500

Not this post. Yesterday’s post was the 500th post I have been credited with making on my blog. That’s like writing a book, which I found to be one of the hardest things I ever did in my life. Since my posts average around 500 words each, I have written 250,000 and I am stillContinue reading “Mr. 500”


Staying calm. Cool under pressure. Not everyone has it 100% of the time. I’m probably in the high eighties if I am really being honest with myself. I had to “beat” a polygraph test in order to land a major casino Executive Chef job in Las Vegas. Answering truthfully all the questions set up toContinue reading “Tranquilo”

Beautiful Day

They are all beautiful, but today was hell-good on the weather front. 72 degrees. Sunny. Where was I? The golf course is where I should have been, but I was laid up again with my damn stump and the sore that is posing a problem with me walking. Heading in to my prosthetist tomorrow. HopefullyContinue reading “Beautiful Day”

Happy Valentine’s Day

I got a call last night from someone who had taken an order for 2 dozen roses for me to deliver to my special girl yesterday and they said sorry but I was not in their delivery radius. I looked over to Karen and she knew already. Thirty-five years of marriage will do that toContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”


At what point did disagreement cease to exist without threats, ill will, and violence entering the picture? I must have missed something. This topic for tonight’s blog (I really like to post at 12:01 am EST for consistency’s sake) came about because I was at a Christmas party and I will estimate the total guestContinue reading “Disagreement”

The Night Before Christmas

Only my very favorite night of the year. Still. The Domestic Despot has already hit the sack. She has been running all over the place this season and she is beat. I hope she sleeps well tonight. I won’t. I will be up at midnight and will probably wake her up so I can openContinue reading “The Night Before Christmas”

Modern Weddings

Karen and I had a tiny wedding. There was myself, my bride, my bandmates, my brother who put together a feast for us, and his assistant. Oh yeah, there were also seven of my ex-girlfriends there. I know, I know, but Karen was the one who told me to invite them. I guess she figuredContinue reading “Modern Weddings”