Does anybody use pencils anymore except maybe for kids in poor school districts?

If you are old enough, think back to our old trusty Ticonderoga #2 lead pencils.


Think back to how many times you licked the tip of your pencil and it is a wonder any of us got through elementary school without succumbing to lead poisoning. It was quite the big deal when mechanical pencils came out which put an end to the lead chewing.

I am constantly amazed with new technology, but I am still amazed with the simple fax machine where you put a document in in say, California, and the same document spits out of the fax machine instantaneously in Brisbane, Australia.

Of course it doesn’t take much to amaze me in my condition (extremely stoned).

Today was the second day of looking for SUVs and I liked the Hyundai Santa Fe tricked out and sporting the bigger 6 cyl engine with all-wheel drive in anticipation of the snow we will see. I should get at least 11k for my two trade-ins and then its just a matter of who has what special financing available. My bank is willing to cover the car loan, but even an old country boy like me can see that 0% over 72 months does not suck, so tomorrow the dance continues.

Now that the die is cast and we have listed our lovely little house, I want to get the car in the next week to ten days so we can get this move completed.

So we looked at the Santa Fe from Hyundai, but they are trying to pass a 2.5L engine off as equivalent in power to a V6, but that’s just not accurate. Maybe a 3.5L would be the equivalent. The Palisade looks a little too much car for us.

We also checked out the Sorento from Kia and it was actually too big as well, so they em’d me and want me to come back to check out the Telluride.

I also want to check out the Honda Passport and then I will whittle down our options. For some reason Karen has ruled out FORD as an option. As soon as she did that, we saw a FORD SUV parked at the Fry’s grocery store, so I hopped out and asked her about it. She said she loved it and that it handles well. We drove off and I didn’t even get a look at what model it was, but it looked about the size of the Chevy Blazer.

So tomorrow our search continues and after which, we will get to the sitting down part which is what hate.

I have absolutely NO PATIENCE! (which is why I dropped out of med school). I want to give them exactly what I want, add a few bells and whistles, get a bottom line best offer, and buy the damned SUV. They don’t have to worry about me getting qualified; I will pay down the monthly to be commensurate with what an old geezer drawing Social Security can handle.

But don’t cry for me Argentina.

Stay well.

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