I love flowers.

Always have.

Growing up I absorbed many cultures but seemed to gravitate to Eastern philosophies in regard to man and his role on Earth, including stewardship of the planet and her resources.

I was a serious young student of ikebana, the art and philosophies entailed in flower arranging. It is much more than just placing flowers in a vase and adding water. Not only is it important where to display flowers, but why certain flowers are utilized in an arrangement must also be considered.

Such things as depth and effect and the entire assemblage of blooms as well as their respective places in the universe must be examined in the course of ikebana. I suppose I enjoyed the discipline of the art in addition to the beautiful flowers grown in the rich Japanese soil.

In America, a kid could get beat up for showing such interest in blossoms, but I never cared. I had the same holistic approach I took with trimming and raising bonsai years later. Something about the balance a beautiful tree or flower possesses that I find absolutely captivating.

It sickens me when I think about what imbalance man has wrought in the plant and animal kingdoms.

A price will be exacted. If not sooner…


I still give Karen flowers. I love how her face lights up when she gets them.

Worth every penny.

When I asked the flower girl at Kroger’s about a corsage I wanted to give Karen for our date, she looked at me like I was some stoned old buzzard. Does anyone still give corsages for their dates with the exception of prom teens?

I like having colorful flowers in beds around the house. I actually think the Domestic Despot will have better luck out here with growing plants and flowers. At least they won’t stall in their growth from lack of water. It has been raining for about twelve straight hours and you can just hear the plants let out a big ahhhhh.

I worry about my beloved Arizona and the dry days ahead with the diminishing Colorado River struggling to keep up with the insane (and still growing) demand as they keep building more and more houses in the desert.

We have received more rain in the past few days than we used to get in a year in Phoenix.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the leaves on all these magnificent trees start to change colors here in Nature’s kaleidoscope. That will also signal the onset of the first cold weather my body will have to endure in 30 years.


But that’s why we are buying a house with a fireplace in it.

Evidently, deliveries are yet another segment of business rife with delays in shipping, so at least we should have a roof over our head while our stuff finds its way to our new location.

I am finally going stir-crazy in this 800 sq. ft. suite.


Ronaldo is returning to the Reds?

Glory United.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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